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Chiba Prefecture

【Press Preview】Visit Japan’s Largest Floating Mega Solar Power Plant on a Dam Reservoir


Press release
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Chiba Prefecture’s Renewable Energy Initiative
Tuesday, October 24, 2017

*This press event is for foreign press only.
*This event is organized and sponsored by Chiba Prefecture, with the FPCJ handling applications.


This press event will introduce a project to install and operate a floating mega-solar power plant at the Yamakura Dam in Chiba Prefecture, with the largest production capacity of its type in Japan, as an example of renewable energy initiatives by regional local governments.


After the Great East Japan Earthquake in March 2011, Chiba Prefecture has been engaging in initiatives to utilize new energy such as solar power and micro hydroelectric, with the goals of achieving energy diversification, reducing environmental burden, and stimulating local economies.


In 2014, noting the progress in technology for floating structures on water, a project was started to install and operate a floating mega-solar power plant using the reservoir of a dam with water used for industrial purposes, managed by the Chiba Prefectural Waterworks Bureau. Kyocera TCL Solar LLC was chosen to carry out this project.
Currently, installation of the solar panels on the reservoir has been completed, and construction to allow for transferring electricity to power companies is underway, with the goal of beginning to generate electricity within fiscal year 2017.


This press event will provide an opportunity to film and photograph the transformers and panels installed in the reservoir, as well as hearing from Chiba Prefecture officials and Kyocera TCL Solar staff about the goals of the project, an overview of the construction, the benefits of being installed on water, and future challenges.


<Project Features>
・Using 18.0 hectares, or approximately one third of the Yamakura Dam reservoir surface, and 1.5 hectares on land, this will be Japan’s largest floating mega-solar power plant, with 50,904 solar panels, an estimated maximum output of 13.7 MW, and annual power generation of 16,170MWh (equivalent to the annual power consumption of 4,970 average households*1).
*1: Calculated with average annual household consumption of 3,254 kWh. Source: Federation of Electric Power Companies of Japan
・In consideration towards the water being used for industrial purposes, materials that do not affect the water quality are used, with the floats made of durable materials resistant to ultraviolet rays and corrosion, and the panels not being water-soluble.
・Strength design, interlocking, and fixation technology ensure strong winds and waves can be endured, to prevent panels from being scattered.
・Contributions are also being made to the local community, such as by establishing an environmental learning facility near the power plant for visitors.
・This project is a concrete example of a public-private partnership for the utilization of renewable energy.


<About Yamakura Dam>
・The Yamakura Dam reservoir is sourced by the Yoro River, and is the first reservoir for industrial water services in Chiba that is managed by the prefectural government. It provides industrial water to companies in the Keiyo Rinkai Industrial Zone.



■ Date: Tuesday, October 24, 2017 13:30-16:30


■ Meeting time and place: 13:30, Soga Station Ticket Gate, JR East
※ Approximately 50 minutes from Tokyo station by JR Keiyo Line or Sobu Line (express train of Uchibo or Sotobo Line)


■ Location: Yamakura Floating Mega Solar Power Plant in Chiba (Ichihara City)

13:30 Meet at Soga Station Ticket Gate, JR East
※Transportation fee and other costs are the responsibility of participants.
13:30-14:00 Yamakura Floating Mega Solar Power Plant by bus
14:00-15:00 Briefing and Q & A
・Chiba Prefectural Water Works Bureau Industrial Maintenance Division
・Kyocera TCL Solar LLC
15:00-16:00 Interview on-site (Walk to the dam)
16:00-16:30 Soga Station, JR East by bus
Tour ends at Soga Station.


■ Participation fee: Free of charge
■ Maximum number of participants: 10 (If the number of applicants exceeds 10, an upper limit may be set on the number of participants from each country/region)
■ Qualification: Bearer of Gaimusho Press Registration Card
■ Language: Japanese (with English interpretation)
■ Remarks:
*There may be some restrictions on photographing and filming at the tour sites. Please follow the instructions of the officials on duty.
*Chiba Prefecture and FPCJ will not be liable for any inconvenience, trouble or accidents that
might occur during the tour. The schedule is subject to change without notice.


<How to apply> 
Please send the information below to
(Person in charge of the application: Ms. Yoshida, Foreign Press Center Japan)


Your application will need to include the items listed below.
(1) Applicants name:
(2) Affiliated media organization:
(3) The type of organization (newspaper, magazine, TV etc.):
(4) The nationality of organization:
(5) Phone number/FAX number/E-mail address:
(6) Mobile number (for emergency contact during the event):
(7) Interview Questions:
(8) Domestic travel accident insurance (The insurance premium is payed for by
Chiba prefecture.)
If you buy insurance, please send the following information to us by Thursday, October 12. (In the case where you do not purchase insurance, the following information is unnecessary.)
  ・Date of birth
  ・Address in Japan


Foreign Press Center Strategic Communications Division
Person in charge: Ms. Chika Yoshida
TEL: 03-3501-5251


Photos (From Upper left)

- Upper left: Artist’s impression of completed Yamakura Floating Mega Solar Power Plant (Image courtesy of Kyocera Corporation)

- Upper center: Solar panels installed on reservoir surface

- Upper right: Power cables attached to solar panels

- Lower center: Installed solar panels

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