Press Release Distribution and Listing Service

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With this service, you can distribute emails with the information you want to disseminate to the world (press releases) to foreign correspondents with international news organizations operating in Japan and to foreign embassies in Japan. By also using the listing service to present this information on the FPCJ website, along with images and videos, you can increase its impact.

For an example of what the final email or listing could look like, click here.
For the releases listed on the website, click here (Noteworthy Press Releases from Japan page).

Application Form

For First-Time Users▼

Releases will be distributed to journalists based in Japan, who tell the world about the reality of what is happening in Japan through their reporting in media throughout the world.
A total of over 400 addresses for journalists from around 30 countries and regions are included in the mailing list.
In addition, staff at foreign embassies located in Japan gather information about Japan and report it to the governments in their home countries, and embassies and their staff (over 300 addresses) can also be included for distribution.

The information foreign journalists are interested in is extremely diverse.
Many journalists generally cover politics, the economy, business, foreign affairs, and security news.
Also common are reports on initiatives by Japan in regard to global challenges, such as the declining birthrate, aging population, depopulation, inequality, regional economic stimulation, climate change, and building a digital society.
With the proper timing, providing information on local cultural events or activities for international exchange can also be effective.
For examples of previous releases, click here (Noteworthy Press Releases from Japan page).

Important Notes About Content of Release

This service is provided for the benefit of the public as part of the FPCJ’s activities as a public interest corporation.
Therefore, the FPCJ reserves the right to refuse the use of this service if the content of the release is promoting a specific product or service or about business activities (such as expanding overseas or cooperating with foreign companies), providing information targeting investors, or presenting political or religious beliefs or opinions on controversial topics of individuals or organizations.
Below are some examples of content particularly suited for this service.
If you are considering using this service for the first time, please contact us in advance for advice.
① CSR Activities: Contributing to local communities (volunteering, nature conservation, community building, stimulating local economies, crime prevention, disaster prevention, etc.)
② Activities/Technology to Solve Topical Issues: Activities and technology contributing to solving issues such as the declining birthrate and aging population, climate change, or inequality.
③ Overall Industry Trends That Involve Your Company: Activities demonstrating the future direction of industry in Japan, such as the development of rules and regulations.
④ Activities for Nature Conservation and Maintaining Cultural Properties: Activities by foundations, etc.

1. Distribution Groups/Languages

The distribution targets and languages are divided into the three groups below.

Distribution Group Language Addresses
(One language only)
1. Foreign Media in Japan: Japanese
  (mainly journalists with Asian media)
Japanese 179 57 146
2. Foreign Media in Japan: English
  (mainly journalists with Western media)
English 192
3. Foreign Embassies in Japan English 316   151

(as of February 1, 2024)

* The list for the groups above is available here.

2. Fees (Cost Per Distribution Group)

The total cost for this service will be calculated using the table below, based on the timing of the submission of the final draft of the release in regard to the desired distribution date, per distribution group.
If changes are made to the data provided, then the time the final draft was submitted will be calculated based on when those changes were submitted.
For example, for a release to be distributed to all three groups, for which the final draft was submitted by noon three business days before the desired distribution date, if no changes are made then the total cost would be 20,000 yen x 3 groups=60,000 yen + tax.

Fee Table (Updated February 1, 2024; tax not included)
  3 Days Before 2 Days Before Day Before Same Day
Deadline for
Final Draft Submission
Noon, 3 business
days before *
Noon, 2 business
days before
Noon, previous
business day
Noon, same day
1. Email Distribution 20,000 yen 25,000 yen 30,000 yen 40,000 yen
2. Email Distribution
  + Website Listing
  (Package Fee)
40,000 yen 50,000 yen 60,000 yen -

  1. * For FPCJ Supporting Members, a 20% discount is available for the 3 days before fee.
    For email distribution, this would mean a discount from the regular 20,000 yen (22,000 yen tax included) to 16,000 yen (17,600 tax included), and for a package with website listing as well, the regular 40,000 yen (44,000 yen tax included) would be 32,000 yen (35,200 yen tax included).
    Please take advantage of this discount.
  2. * If changes are made to the submitted data, the time of the final draft submission will be calculated based on when those changes were submitted.
  3. * Fees include the FPCJ’s operating costs (20% of the total billed).

Payment and Cancellation Fee ▼
  1. ① Payment (Payment of Invoice): The only payment method available is direct deposit to a designated account with a Japanese bank. Money transfer from overseas or payment by credit card are not available.
  2. ② Cancellation Fee: In the case of cancellation, the following fees will occur.
    Cancellation after the FPCJ has sent a draft of the distribution/website listing: 50% of the original fee
    Cancellation on the day of distribution (After 17:00 the previous business day): 100% of the original fee
3. Guide for Making a Distribution Draft ▼

For email distribution, send a plain text format copy of the final draft using the application form.
For images or videos, please use the website listing service as well.
If you have any questions about writing a press release or English translation, please contact us (depending on the nature of the inquiry, we may suggest using paid services).

Category Email Distribution Website Listing (Online for 1 year)
  1. ・Please enter a final draft , including finalized layout, into the "Body of release" field in the application form (use plain text format for email distribution).The FPCJ will copy the final draft as you entered it (including the layout), and use it to prepare the distribution and listing, including finalized layout, into the "Body of release" field in the application form (use plain text format for email distribution).
  2. ・Only for listings on the FPCJ website are bold, italics, underlining, and link functions are available. If you select the relevant section of the text with your cursor and press the function button on the toolbar, it will be applied to the text.
2.Length A length of up to two A4 sized pages (around 3,000 Japanese characters or 2,000 English characters) is suggested.
4.Tables × ×
5.Attached Files × 〇(1 PDF file)
A link to 1 related file (up to 400 KB in size) can be added to the top of the page.
6.Images ×
If the release is already available on your website, please add the URL to the draft.
〇 (Up to 10 image files)
Images will be added at the end of the page, in centered rows of three.
If captions are available, it will make them more understandable.

  1. ① File formats: JPG, PNG, GIF
  2. ② Image size: Each image should be at least 260 pixels wide (or 180 pixels tall) and no more than around 400 KB.
  3. ③ Aspect ratio of image frame: 13x9
7.Videos × 〇 (YouTube or other video with embedded link)
Include the embedded link in the final draft submitted.

For an example of the final email distribution and website listing, click here.
For the releases listed on the website, click here (Noteworthy Press Releases from Japan page).

4. Process for Using the Service ▼
  1. ① Send Application Form
    Fill out the necessary information in the application form and send it.
  2. ② Confirmation of Content of Application Form
    The FPCJ will check the content of the application form, and contact you regarding whether the service can be used and the fees.
  3. ③ Sending of Email/Website Draft
    Having confirmed matters such as the fees, the FPCJ will send a draft for email distribution/website listing to the client. After this point, cancellation fees will be incurred.
  4. ④ Confirmation of Email/Website Draft, Decision on Distribution Date
    The client will confirm the email/website draft, and a decision will be made on the distribution date.
  5. ⑤ Report on Completion
    After reporting that the email distribution/website listing has finished, and invoice will be sent.

5. Contact Information

Media Communication and Planning Division
Foreign Press Center Japan
Tel: 03-3501-5251 (Weekdays 9:30-17:30)
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