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The FPCJ offers a Press Release Distribution Service (by email and fax) with distribution to foreign press organizations and foreign embassies in Japan. Upon request, the FPCJ will distribute press releases (text only) from local and national government bodies, universities, businesses, and other organizations that want to distribute information targeting a foreign audience. The FPCJ also provides a service for listing press releases on its website, perfect for press releases with images and video, or those with more text (click here for the Press Release Listing Service).

The main users of the FPCJ website are journalists from foreign media organizations looking for information on Japan and support for their reporting activities, making it an effective platform for reaching foreign media. This service can also be used to announce news presentations and press conferences or other events for foreign journalists in Japan.

The Press Release Distribution and Listing Services can be used separately or as a set. Below is a table of pricing estimates for using either service individually, or both as a set.

Optional press release consulting (10,000 yen, tax excluded) for applications made at least three business days in advance.

  Distribution only Listing only Set (Distribution + Listing) Set
Standard 3 business days in advance 18,000 JPY 20,000 JPY 30,000 JPY 8,000 JPY
Rapid 2 business days in advance 21,000 JPY 25,000 JPY 35,000 JPY 11,000 JPY
Express 1 business day in advance 26,250 JPY 30,000 JPY 40,000 JPY 16,250 JPY
Same-day by 12:00 on the same day 35,000 JPY      

See below for details on the Press Release Distribution Service, and click here for details on the Press Release Listing Service.

After reviewing the conditions below, please apply for the service by completing this application form.

Conditions for Use

  • - The FPCJ's Press Release Distribution Service is for the purpose of providing information on news opportunities to foreign media.
  • - The center reserves the right to refuse use of the distribution service if the material is of a strongly commercial nature (for example, intended to promote products or services) or contains messages of a political or religious nature, depending on the content of news.
  • - If you are interested in using the service for your for-profit business, click here for more information.

1Press Release Distribution

Number of Registered Destinations (as of December 28, 2021)

  • With the FPCJ's simultaneous distribution system, destinations are grouped into the following six categories, according to destination, means of communication, and language.
  • * Please contact us for details if you are interested in distributing your press release to specific regions/countries.

Means of Communication Destination Group Destination Language Number of Registered Destinations Number of Organizations Number of Countries or Regions
Email Distribution 1 Foreign Media in Japan Japanese 213 82 17
2 Foreign Media in Japan English 219 97 25
3 Foreign Embassies in Japan English 211 101 101
Fax Distribution 4 Foreign Media in Japan Japanese 10 10 3
5 Foreign Media in Japan English 15 12 5
6 Foreign Embassies in Japan English 130 (34) 130 (34) 130 (34)
  • 1. Email Distribution
    As a rule, press releases will be sent to the email addresses of individuals, not organizations.
  • 2. Fax Distribution
    Press releases will be sent to the fax number of organizations, with the information circulated to members of the organization by a method such as posting the press release.
  • (1) Foreign Media Based in Japan
    Registered fax destinations mainly include major news agencies such as Reuters and Bloomberg, which have large numbers of correspondents and wish to receive press releases by fax as well as to individual email addresses.
  • (2) Foreign Embassies in Japan (fax distribution recommended)
    -As email distribution does not reach some embassies, fax distribution is recommended.
    -The numbers in parentheses ( ) for Number of Registered Destinations indicates the number of embassies not registered for email distribution.
    -If you would like to use fax distribution in addition to email distribution, please select one of the following two options when applying:
    ----Fax distribution to all registered embassies (130)
    ----Fax distribution only to those embassies without email addresses registered (34)
  • * Click here to see the number of foreign media in Japan by area (FPCJ survey).

Fees (excluding consumption tax) (revised April 1, 2019)

Services Email Fax
Standard 18,000 yen 200 yen per fax number per standard A4 page
Rapid 21,000 yen 250 yen per fax number per standard A4 page
Express 26,250 yen 300 yen per fax number per standard A4 page
Same-day 35,000 yen 400 yen per fax number per standard A4 page
  • * The fees above will be applied for each destination category.
  • * 20% corporate administrative operating expenses included

Pricing Estimate (business days only)

  • * For Super Express Fee, please send an online application by noon on the delivery day, and you should be online to check emails.

★Instructions for the text

  • - Material for email distribution must be in text format (plain text) only. Material with file attachments or in rich text or HTML format is not accepted.
  • - If you prefer to use the service via fax, please include the distribution date (for example, August 1, 2015) on the upper right of the first page.
  • - In principle, the length of the release in both Japanese and English should be a maximum of two A4-size pages (around 3,000 characters in Japanese or 2,000 words in English).

Cancellation Charges

Please note that after applying for the service, a cancellation fee will be charged when cancelling your application on request.

  • - Cancellation on the preferred delivery date (After 17:00 the day before)
    : The entire fee for the service selected
  • - Cancellation after sending an example file: Half the fee for the service selected
  • - When applying with the optional consulting service: cancellation after the file included advice has been sent to the service user - Full advice fee must be paid (10,000 yen)

Press Release Distribution Service Process

1Fill out and send Press Release Distribution Service application form

Fill out all the required sections of the form and send it along with the text (in plain text) to be distributed.
*The application will be considered finalized as soon as both the application form and distribution draft are received. [★Instructions for the text]

2Confirmation of application

The FPCJ will contact the client to confirm the details of the application form and distribution data, and inform them whether or not the service can be used.

3Sending an example file (distribution draft)

The FPCJ will send the client a test email of the release text. Adjustments and changes will be made if requested after the client checks the test email.

4Finalization of distribution content

Once the distribution content has been finalized, the FPCJ will prepare to distribute it. At the same time, information including the delivery date and time, language, destination, fee, and billing address, will be confirmed with the client.


The FPCJ will distribute the release to the designated destinations at the designated date and time.

66 Report of completion of distribution

The FPCJ will inform the client of completion of distribution and mail the bill to the designated address.

2Press Release Listing

Please refer to the Press Release Listing Service Guide.

Contact Information

Foreign Press Center Japan (Strategic Communications Division)
Tel: 03-3501-5251 (Mondays to Fridays, 9:30-17:30)
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