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Foreign Press Center Japan (FPCJ) provides support for events targeting foreign media held by government agencies, local governments, universities, businesses (in the not-for profit sector), and other organizations.
This service is available for one location in Tokyo or the surrounding area, for up to around 3 hours. We provide advice on how to attract members of the foreign media with the content of the event and its announcement (press release), and effectively distribute information on the event to foreign media. We will also manage applications for the event, including processing registrations at the event itself.

(Past examples of support include an event at a regional specialty shop and restaurant in Tokyo for a local government, and an international trade show for an industry association.)

Please use the form below if you have any questions or would like an estimate.

Foreign Press Center Japan, Strategic Communications Division
Tel: 03-3501-5251 (Monday-Friday 9:30-17:30)

Services Included in Press Event Support (Commissioned Projects)

1. Advice on Planning and Schedule
Based on a proposal made by the event host, consultation will be provided on reporting trends and what interests foreign media, in order to make the event one foreign media want to participate in.
FPCJ staff will inspect the event venue beforehand, and provide advice on the press event's schedule, content, and organization.
2. Advice on Press Release (Event Announcement for Media)
Advice will be provided on the content and layout of the press release.
3. Distribution of Press Release to Foreign Media/Uploading Press Release on FPCJ Website
In addition to distributing a press release (event announcement) to foreign media in Japan, the press release will also be uploaded to the FPCJ website to effectively promote the event.
4. Manage Applications (including English support)
The FPCJ will manage applications for the event, including responding to inquiries and requests.
5. On-site Event Support (including English support)
FPCJ staff will be present on the day of the event to handle registration for foreign journalists and respond to requests about reporting.
6. Collecting News Reports and Comments by Participants
After the event, the FPCJ will collect news reports and comments by the journalists who participated, and inform you of them.
<Optional Services>
The following optional services are available:
1. Distribution of event announcement to foreign embassies in Japan
2. Japanese to English or English to Japanese translation of the press release (including proofreading by a native speaker)
  • June 6, 2017: FOOMA JAPAN 2017 International Food Machinery & Technology Exhibition press tour
  • September 16, 2016: The hospitality of the Imperial Hotel

NEW!New Service Available! Online Briefing/Presentation Support

To respond to the needs of local governments and other organizations who would like to distribute information to the foreign media even with the current difficulty of overseas travel and holding large events, the FPCJ has started a new service providing support for online press conferences and presentations.
For example, the FPCJ can provide support for an online press conference or presentation for foreign journalists by the head of a local government to announce an initiative dealing with a shared global issue, or an important message to an international audience, using online conferencing tools (as opposed to an in-person presentation).
As with our standard press event support, the FPCJ will provide advice on what kind of content will attract the attention of foreign media and distribute event announcements to members of the foreign media.
Using the FPCJ's accumulated knowhow and foreign media network, we will provide support for distributing information overseas online.
For details, please contact us using the form above.
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