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Meiji University

New video “Algae,” the Key to Creating a Decarbonized New Era is released at “Incredible Senseis at Meiji University,” a video series showcasing Meiji’s world-class research


Meiji University creates a series of promotional videos, “Incredible Senseis at Meiji University,” and a landing page to tell the world about its research, which leads the field not only at home in Japan but also abroad. Using English-language narration and subtitles in English and Japanese, the new video introduces the work of Takashi Osanai, School of Agriculture.

The video makes the result of our university’s cutting-edge research, which aims to contribute to society, easily accessible to and engaging for a broad general audience, rather than simply to other researchers. They combine animation and explanations by the researchers themselves, paired with catchy music and narration to create highly ingenious and attractive movies.
“Incredible Senseis at Meiji University”

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As a driving force behind the globalization of Japanese society, we intend to proactively disseminate our world-leading research to the international community, aiming to raise the university’s profile overseas.

【New video】
"Algae," the Key to Creating a Decarbonized New Era by Takashi Osanai
Today’s world calls for decarbonization, yet we still rely on plastics. Associate Professor Takashi Osanai wants to resolve this problem with the help of algae, by using the mechanism of photosynthesis to make bioplastics from CO2. And his efforts go beyond research: to commercialize the technology, he has launched a venture from Meiji University, which he manages himself.

Takashi Osanai, Ph.D
Specializes in biotechnology, metabolic engineering, and molecular biology. His research focuses on environmental biotechnologies for production of biomaterials and bioenergy using photosynthetic microalgae. To apply his findings in the real world, he is developing technologies that use light and carbon dioxide to protect the environment and resolve resource challenges.



Public Relations Office, Meiji University 


Photos (from the left):

1.  "Algae," the Key to Creating a Decarbonized New Era

2.  Dr. Takashi Osanai,researching the power of algae to make plastics

3.  Utilizing the photosynthesis of algae
4.  Run own venture company by himself
5.【10 languages】ALL ABOUT MEIJI~Meiji in Numbers

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