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The National Graduate Institute for Policy Studies (GRIPS)

Feb. 14 Roundtable & Feb.15 Symposium on Disruptive Inclusive Innovation (@GRIPS)


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I.  GRIPS Roundtable 
Pioneering Across Borders: Venture Opportunities and Challenges for 
Disruptive Inclusive Innovation Addressing Sustainable Development Goals 

 1. Abstract 
 By pioneering technological and business frontiers, venture innovators are at the forefront of disruptively

 achieving “more for less for more.” The purpose of the roundtable discussion with venture companies and

   investors is to discuss the opportunities that ventures see for disruptive innovation in emerging economies

   and to describe what policy or business factors can promote success and which inhibit progress. 

 2. Date & Venue 
 ■  Date:Thur. 14th Feb. , 2019 13:00 – 17:00 pm (Networking 17:00~) 
 ■  Venue:GRIPS 1F Conference Room 1ABC ( 
 ■  Registration: Please register at following registration form.  (
 ■  Language: Japanese and English (Simultaneous interpretation will be provided) 

 3. Speakers 
 - Tetsu Nakajima, Mistletoe                               - Sena Taga, AGREE 
 - Xavier Arnoudo C4 Capital                              - Jong-Myong KIM, Ac-Planta Inc. 
 - Ryo Umezawa, East Ventures                          - Yuichi Mori, Mebiol Inc 
 - Kentaro Sakakibara, Samurai Incubate             - Masahiko Yamada, UMITRON PTE. LTD. 
 - Amey Mashelkar Jio Gen Next Ventures           - Retsu Kitagawa, SmartDrive Inc. 
 - Ryotaro Nakayama, Makuake, Inc.                  - Shiho Azuma, Lily MedTech Inc. 
 - Makoto Nakamura, Start up café KOZA            - Shinya Minobe, Yukashikado Inc. 
 - Makoto Goda, Nippon Biodiesel Fuel                - Atsushi Nakanishi, Triple W 
 - Todd Porter, EdgeOf                                       - Michiko Kato, ABEJA 
 - Kay Hosono, Dream Incubator 

 4. Progarm 
 13:00-13:10 Introduction(10 min) Dr. Gerald Hane, Research Fellow, GRIPS / Hitachi, Ltd. 
 13:10-13:20 Setting a scene(10 min) Alfred Watkins, Chairman at Global Solutions Summit, USA 
 13:20-14:50 Round table discussion 1 (90min) 
                       - Presentation of Startups and VC (5min each ×10 ) 
                       - Discussion (40 min) 
 14:50-15:05 Coffee Break (15 min) 
 15:05-16:35 Round table discussion 2 (90min) 
                      - Presentation of Startups and VC (5min each ×10 ) 
                      - Discussion (40 min) 
 16:35-16:55 Wrap up(20 min) 
 16:55-17:00 Closing (5 min)Dr. Kiyoshi Kurokawa, GRIPS / HGPI 
 17:00~ Networking 

II. GRIPS Symposium 
Accelerating Global Impact: Disruptive Inclusive Innovation 
to Advance Sustainable Development Goals 

 1. Abstract 
 The purpose of this conference is to explore policies and business models that can accelerate the global impact

 of disruptive inclusive innovations to speed attainment of Sustainable Development Goals. We will address

 such questions as how can governments sharpen policies, how can large corporations improve their impact,

 and how can entrepreneurs and venture companies be supported to gain full advantage of their creativity and

 risk taking culture. 

 2. Date & Venue 
 ■  Date & Time : February 15, 2019 13:00-18:00 (Networking 18:10~) 
 ■  Venue: Sokairo Hall GRIPS, Tokyo Japan (
 ■  Registration: Please register at following registration form. 
 ■  Language: Japanese and English (Simultaneous interpretation will be provided) 

 3. Speakers 
 〔Keynote Speakers〕 
 Dr. R A Mashelkar (National Research Professor, India, the Winner of the 2018 TWAS-Lenovo Prize) 
 Dr. Joanna Chataway (Professor, University College London) 
 Mr. Koichi Akaishi (Director General for Science Technology and Innovation, Atomic Energy Policy,

   Cabinet Office, Japan) 

 Dr. Joanna Chataway 
 Dr. Raghunath Anant Mashelkar 
 Dr. Alfred Watkins (Chairman at Global Solutions Summit, USA) 
 Mr. Victor Mulas (World Bank, , ICT Policy Specialist, World Bank) 
 Mr. Ca Tran Ngoc (Senior Fellow of the National Institute for S&T Policy, Vietnam Institute for Science,

   Technology and Innovation) 
 Mr. Koichi Akaishi 
 Mr. Masaaki Nishijo (Director, University Industry Cooperation and Reginal Division, MEXT) 
 Mr. Keisuke Sasaki (Director, Industry Creation Policy Division, METI) 
 Mr. Itsu Adachi (JICA) 
 Mr. Takashi Yoshimura (Keidanren) 
 Mr. Makoto Nakamura (Startup Café KOZA) 

 4. Program 

 Contact ; GRIPS SciREX Center 
 ■ ■TEL:03-6439-6318

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