Noteworthy Press Releases from Japan

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This page introduces noteworthy press releases for the foreign press.

The FPCJ helps build connections between foreign press researching stories about specific topics and regions in Japan, and organizations including businesses, universities, and government at the local and national level.

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The National Graduate Institute for Policy Studies (GRIPS)
  • The National Graduate Institute for Policy Studies (GRIPS)

    Feb. 14 Roundtable & Feb.15 Symposium on Disruptive Inclusive Innovation (@GRIPS)

    I.  GRIPS Roundtable  Pioneering Across Borders: Venture Opportunities and Challenges for  Disruptive Inclusive Innovation Addressing Sustainable Development Goals   1. Abstract   By pioneering technological and business frontiers, venture innovators are at the forefront of disruptively  achieving “more for less for more.” The purpose of the roundtable discussion with ventu...

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