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Date : November 27 - 28, 2012

Vide Report: Press Tour “Innovators in Kyushu, changing Japan” (Nov. 27-28, 2012)

post date : 2013.08.26

On the first day of this press tour, we visited Fukuoka City (Fukuoka Pref.). 
Fukuoka was already known as a center of trading with overseas in the 7th century, whose people are known for their open minds and enterprising spirit. There is a local robot manufacturer that attracts worldwide attention with unique technologies. There is also Shinkyo Nakamura, a master craftsman of traditional Hakata dolls who carves out a new artistic niche in this genre. Hakata doll craftsmen of his grandfather’s generation produced with their special skill and exported statues of Christian saints, responding to the demands of the churches in Europe. Last year Nakamura was invited by the Vatican and presented one of his works to the Pope. We have met with these Fukuoka people. We also conduct interview with the mayor of Fukuoka city, Soichiro Takashima, who newly created “Kawaii-ku (cute ward)” as a part of the publicity of the city whose population is increasing.
(Click here to see the details of interviewees: Press Tour Notice)




On the second day, the tour visited Arita Town (Saga Pref.).
Arita produced porcelain first in Japan in 1660s. In the 17th century the town exported large quantities of high-end porcelain wares known as “IMARI” to Europe and even influenced the Meissen porcelain in Germany.Until today the town’s main industry has been porcelain manufacturing and there are about 100 kilns. However, the sales of the industry have declined to one seventh of the peak in 1990. We covered local people who are working hard to revive the local economy, cultivating new overseas markets.





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