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Date : October 31, 2008

Report: October 31, 2008【“Fishery Resources in Shizuoka” Press Tour】

post date : 2013.08.22

img491251e5ab00bAs global competition for fishery resources has intensified, we organized a press tour to cover various efforts in Shizuoka Prefecture, a leading fishing prefecture. Six journalists from ChinaFranceGermany, and the United States joined the tour.


img491255b27ce6dIn the morning, the tour visit Shizuoka Prefectural Thermal Effluent Utilization Research Center in Omaezaki City, known for having succeeded for the first time in Japan in a complete cycle of farming kue (grouper). The center has already made substantial achievements in seed production and a project to release red sea breamand Japanese flounder. From last year, the center has been seeking to establish“Omaezaki kue” as a local brand. After the visit to the center, the tour participants had the privilege of tasting a variety of kue dishes, served right before the start of the season.


img491256521a3b2In the afternoon, the journalists moved to Yaizu City, known as a fishing city, and covered sakura-ebi fishing at Oigawa Port Fishery Cooperative Association. They were briefed on the historical background of the “pool” system, considered to be amodel of fishery resource management, and also learned on a fishing boat how the little shrimps are caught. The journalists asked senior officials of the association about such issues as finding successors.


img4912565e648c9The tour also visited the Yaizu Marine Fisheries High School to cover products development fully utilizing the local fishery resources, and their preparations for opening a shop of their mock company “Fish Paradise Uokoku.” Journalists had a chance to interview students on the management of the company and their dreams.

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