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Date : July 10, 2007

Report: July 10【Press Tour to Kashiwa-no-ha, New Hub for Healthe Life Science】

post date : 2013.08.22

img4695e5d68f8a1“Kashiwa-no-ha” area in Kashiwa City, Chiba Prefecture, only half an hour from Tokyo by the Tsukuba Express,is located on the line between Tsukuba, international hub of R&D, and Akihabara, mecca of IT industry. Currently in progress in this area are two projects focusing on a unique scientific approach to human health. In the tour, 10 reporters from 6 countries/regions including South Korea, Taiwan, US, EU, France, Israel, were interested in covering "Chemi-less Town,” initiated by Chiba University, is an industry-university joint research project on the sick house syndrome, and the University of Tokyo’s Research Center for Total Life Health and Sports Sciences (photo) is working on utilizing sports science for preventive care for the elderly. 

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