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Date : June 2, 2015

Reports on Japan: Press Tour to Ogawa Town, Saitama Prefecture: Washi

post date : 2015.07.31

This tour visited Ogawa Town and Higashi-chichibu Village in Saitama Prefecture to cover the traditional folk craft passed down in that area, Ogawa-washi. In the morning, the tour learned about Ogawa-washi itself, and had the opportunity to see and photograph washi being made. Tour participants also spoke with a designer who makes clothes out of Ogawa-washi. The afternoon portion of the tour examined a different aspect of Ogawa-washi, which was mass produced during World War II to produce “balloon bombs.” This tour was planned and sponsored by the FPCJ, and 11 journalists participated from China, Taiwan, Russia, Kazakhstan, France, Switzerland, and the USA.

-Click here for tour details

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-Click here for real-time reports from during the tour


Below are some of the articles and programs produced by the journalists based on this press tour.


AFP (France/News Agency)

(1) [Video]  June 11, 2015 

Buddhism, bombs and blouses: Japan's versatile 'washi' paper


(2) [Article]  June 12, 2015 

Le "washi", célèbre papier japonais, traverse les âges sans prendre un pli

※link decay

Reprint:France 24(France/WEB)


Neue Zürcher Zeitung (Switzerland/Newspaper)

[Article]  July 19, 2015 

Die Bombe am Ballon


24KZ (Kazakhstan/TV)

[Article & Video]  June 11, 2015 

В Японии возрождают производство уникальной бумаги ващи


Legal Daily (China/Newspaper

[Article]  June 9, 2015 


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