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Reports on Japan with FPCJ Assistance: KTTV FOX11, US

post date : 2013.08.21

Ms. Susan Hirasuna, Weekend News Anchor/General Assignment Reporter of KTTV FOX 11, a TV station based in Los Angeles, US, visited and covered Japan under the FPCJ Fellowship Program from March 6 to 13, 2012. 


[Report on this fellowship program]


Ms. Hirasuna, KTTV FOX 11, presented the following reports based on this visit. 


1. Live report from disaster-affected areas
She gave voice reports seven times on live programs in Los Angeles from disaster-affected areas through phone calls. The images she filed in those areas were shown during her telephone reports.
The reports were broadcast on KTTV FOX 11 news programs starting from (1)17:00, (2)22:00 and (3)23:00, on the following dates (LA time):
-March 9, 2012
-March 10, 2012
-March 11, 2012


You can watch one of these reports on the following website of KTTV FOX 11
Title: Japan Mourns; Grapples With Tsunami Aftermath
Broadcasting date: March 10, 2012


Japan Mourns; Grapples With Tsunami Aftermath: MyFoxLA.com


2. Feature Report
Back home, Ms. Hirasuna made a feature report, editing the footage she filmed with her handy camera in Japan. It was broadcast on the news program. 


You can watch this report on the following website of KTTV FOX 11
Title: Japan Earthquake and Tsunami - Our Visit One Year Later
Broadcasting date: March 16, 2012 (*The date is to be confirmed.)


Japan Earthquake and Tsunami - Our Visit One Year Later: MyFoxLA.com

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