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Date : August 31, 2021

Video report: Paralympics Special Program “The Technology of SMEs Supporting Para Athletes”

post date : 2021.09.01

The Tokyo 2020 Paralympics have begun. Some of the advanced technology supporting the Paralympians as they compete was developed by the SMEs forming the backbone of Japan’s economy.

As a Paralympics special program, this online briefing focused on two SMEs based in Saitama. Natori Manufacturing Co., Ltd. produced adapters, an essential part, for prosthetic legs being used for long jump. RDS Co., Ltd. collaborated with an F1 racing team to design a racing wheelchair combining both form and function.

The briefing was a live stream, with the two CEOs speaking from their companies while showing their products.


The briefing had a total of 14 participants including journalists from Canada, Indonesia, Singapore, USA, and Vietnam. 


■Date: August 31 (Tue.), 2021, 11:40-13:20

■Theme: The Technology of SMEs Supporting Para Athletes


[Part 1 (11:40-12:25)]

Briefer: Mr. Hideyuki NATORI, CEO, Natori Manufacturing Co., Ltd.


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[Part 2 (12:35-13:20)]

Briefer: Mr. Anri SUGIHARA, CEO, RDS Co., Ltd.


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