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Date : June 30, 2020

Video report: Japanese Society and Families After COVID-19—Responding to Changes (Professor Masahiro Yamada, Chuo University)

post date : 2020.07.01

With the state of emergency announced to prevent the spread of COVID-19 having been lifted nationwide, Japanese society has begun reopening in earnest. However, it has been said that life will not fully return to the way it was before the pandemic. With Japanese society and families being expected to change to adapt to a “new lifestyle,” what problems and challenges will they face, and what strategies will they need to overcome those obstacles?

The FPCJ invited Professor Masahiro Yamada of the Chuo University Faculty of Letters, an expert in sociology of the family and the originator of unique terms such as “parasite singles” and “konkatsu (marriage hunting),” to discuss what families will be like after COVID-19.

The briefing had a total of 30 participants including journalists from China, France, Germany, Indonesia, Singapore, South Korea, Spain, UK and USA.


Distributed Material

Date and time: 11:00-12:00, Tuesday, June 30
Briefer: Professor Masahiro Yamada, Faculty of Letters, Chuo University
Language: Japanese (with consecutive English interpretation)


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