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Date : February 8, 2019

Video report: The International Situation and Challenges for Japanese Diplomacy in 2019 (Mr. Mitoji Yabunaka, Ritsumeikan University, Visiting Professor)

post date : 2019.02.12

With continuing friction between the US and China, a second US–North Korea summit planned regarding North Korea’s nuclear program, and the deadline for Brexit approaching at the end of March, how the international situation will develop in 2019 remains unclear. Looking at Japanese diplomacy, Japan will host the G20 Summit for the first time in Osaka this June, and in August the seventh Tokyo International Conference on Africa's Development will be held in Yokohama. In bilateral relations, topics include negotiations on a peace treaty with Russia, improving the Japan–South Korea relationship which has cooled recently, and trade negotiations with the US.


The FPCJ invited Mr. Mitoji Yabunaka, a Visiting Professor at Ritsumeikan University and former Vice-Minister for Foreign Affairs, to discuss the international situation and challenges for Japanese diplomacy in 2019.


The briefing had a total of 27 participants including journalists from China, Germany, South Korea, Taiwan, U.K., and the U.S.A.



- Date: February 8 (Friday), 2019, 14:30-16:00

- Briefer: Mr. Mitoji Yabunaka, Ritsumeikan University, Visiting Professor

- Language: Japanese (with consecutive English interpretation)



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