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Date : June 20, 2016

Video Report: The Upper House Election and Japanese Politics (GRIPS Prof. Harukata Takenaka)

post date : 2016.06.21

The main issues for the House of Councillors election planned for July this year will likely be the TPP, security legislation, lack of daycare spaces, and the effectiveness of Abenomics and the consumption tax increase. Topics such as the effects of the lowered voting age and movements of the various parties, including electoral cooperation among the opposition parties, are being looked at closely.


The FPCJ invited Dr. Harukata Takenaka, a professor at the National Graduate Institute for Policy Studies (GRIPS), to discuss the political situation leading up to the Upper House election. 


The briefing had a total of 43 participants, including 13 journalists from USA, France, Italy, Germany, Vietnam, etc., and 27 embassy representatives. 




- Material: The House of Councillors Election 2016 and Japanese Politics

- Date: June 20 (Mon), 2016

- Briefer: Professor Harukata Takenaka, The National Graduate Institute for Policy Studies (GRIPS)

- Language: English only



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