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【2020 Olympics and Paralympics in Tokyo】Watch Japan Now

post date : 2015.07.17


Preparations for the 2020 Olympics and Paralympics in Tokyo are underway throughout Japan.


As of July 2015, the venues have been decided for 26 of the 28 events planned for these games,

excluding cycling and soccer. The local governments of the areas where these venues are located

have planned various initiatives both to demonstrate the beauty of their areas, and to provide optimal

environments for athletes from around the world to compete in.


New initiatives are already underway throughout the country, from constructing venues and

transportation infrastructure to international exchanges involving sports. The FPCJ will introduce the

various changes made by Japan to prepare for 2020.


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・The Games of the XXXII Olympiad
 Friday, 24 July – Sunday 9 August 2020
 Number of Sports: 28
・Tokyo 2020 Paralympic Games   
 Tuesday, 25 August – Sunday 6 September 2020   
 Number of Sports: 22


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