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Kochi Prefecture

Yosakoi Promotional Event ~Looking to 2020: From humble beginnings to a global phenomenon ~


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Yosakoi Promotional Event
~Looking to 2020: From humble beginnings to a global phenomenon ~

In just 66 years, Kochi Prefecture’s ‘Yosakoi’ has spread to over 200 locations in Japan, and 29 countries and regions around the world, an unparalleled feat among festivals.
We would like to inform you of our upcoming promotional event that will explore the journey from Yosakoi’s origins to its global spread.
We have prepared an action-packed program, including a talk show with special guests, energetic Yosakoi performances, a chance to try Yosakoi for yourselves, and samplings of our delicious Kochi cuisine and sake. We eagerly await your attendance.

1 Time and Place
28th October 2019 (Mon) 6:00-8:20pm(Reception17:00-)
Tobu Hotel Levant Tokyo
1-2-2 Kinshi, Sumida City, Tokyo (Tel: 03-5611-5511)  

2 Program Schedule
First Half- Talk Show (6:00-6:50pm)  ※With simultaneous interpreting

1)Demonstration of the original Yosakoi Naruko Dance(Shamisen and Song performed by Vice
President of the Kochi Japanese Classical Dance Association, Professor Wakayagi Yukimitsu)
2)A Global Yosakoi (talk show with special guests and the governor of Kochi) 
・’Yosakoi’s Roots’ talk with Professor Wakayagi Yukimitsu
・’Yosakoi Abroad’ talk with guests from France and Canada
・2020 Projects including the Executive Committee of the 2020 ‘Supporting with Yosakoi’Project
3)Looking to 2020
〈Special guest〉 Ex-Japanese international rugby player Mr.Takuya Saito

Second Half – Reception (6:55-8:20pm) ※With consecutive interpreting

1)Greeting from the organizers
・Introduction of Kochi’s Specialties
2)Toast and informal conversation
3)Yosakoi Performances 
・Dream Yosakoi Official Team (Tokyo Group)         
・Tenku Shinatoya Shin(Tokyo Group)
4)Original Yosakoi Experience    
・Try out Yosakoi together with the dancers 

Planned Stalls
・Tosa Sake: A world-class product!
・Japan’s first ever farmed tuna! Pacific bluefin tuna nigiri
・International grand prize winners! Gloriosa Decorations
☆and other Kochi delicacies

Send applications to:
Kochi Prefecture Tourism Division    Nishimori・Shimanouchi
5th Floor, Kochi Prefectural Hall, 1 Chome-2-20 Marunouchi, Kochi City, Kochi Prefecture 780-8570 
TEL:088-823-9047 FAX:088-823-9256

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