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Toyama Prefecture

Registration Closed【Lunch Presentation】Know and Taste the Wonders of Toyama Prefecture (Thu. February 1st)


<Toyama Prefecture Presents: Know and Taste the Wonders of Toyama Prefecture>
*Lunch invitation to foreign press and embassy officials
*Delicacies of Toyama Prefecture
/Presentation of a new rice cultivar adapted to global warming


Date: Thu. February 1st from 11:00

We have closed registration since there are no more openings available.

Thank you!


- Date: Thu. February 1st from 11:00 to 13:00 (reception desk will open at 10:30)

- Location: Toyama Hamasaku in the Nihonbashi Toyama (Nihonbashi Daiei Building 1F, 1-2-6 Nihonbashi Muromachi, Chuo City, Tokyo)



-- “Know and Taste the Wonders of Toyama Prefecture” Press Lunch --


Toyama Prefecture is located in the north central part of Honshu and is blessed with an extremely varied and dynamic topography, from the 3000m high peaks in the Tateyama Mountain Range, to a depth of over 1000m in Toyama Bay, creating a height difference of over 4000m. The large amount of snow that fall onto the peaks melts and becomes swift rivers which then flow into Toyama Bay. Known as a “natural fish tank” this bay boasts fishing grounds near the ports, and around 500 different species of fish.


Furthermore, Toyama Prefecture has been developing a new rice cultivar to deal with recent global warming. Not only is it adapted to high temperatures, it is more productive due to its shorter stalk, as well as being resistant to typhoons and other disasters. The prefecture is currently starting to market this product while looking towards a full scale release this autumn.


Toyama Prefecture will be organizing a lunch presentation at Nihonbashi Toyama, a space for the promotion of Toyama right in the capital city area, in order to let people discover Toyama Bay, the mysterious sea, as well as other wonders of Toyama Prefecture, and to showcase the taste of Toyama’s delicacies from the new rice cultivar to Toyama Bay seafood.


To participate, please apply according to the outline below. We hope to see you there!



Event Outline

■Date: Thu. February 1st, 2018 from 11:00 to 13:00 (reception desk opens at 10:30)

■Location: Toyama Hamasaku in Nihonbashi Toyama (Nihonbashi Daiei Bldg. 1F, 1-2-6 Nihonbashi-muromachi, Chuo City, Tokyo)

- Access information: 

-Maps (Japanese):

■Free of charge

*English interpretation will be available


11:00 to 11:20 Introduction to the wonders of Toyama Prefecture (Ichiro Miyazaki, Toyama Prefecture Tourism, Transportation and Regional Promotion Bureau Regional Promotion Division Director)

         ・Toyama Prefecture is blessed with dynamic topography rarely seen in the world

         ・The characteristics and wonders of Toyama Bay

         ・Food from Toyama Prefecture and an introduction to FUFUFU, the new rice cultivar developed by Toyama Prefecture.


11:20 to 11:30 Q&A Session


11:30 to 12:00 Introduction and tour of the Nihonbashi Toyama (Akiko Yamashita, Nihonbashi Toyama Director)

         ・Nihonbashi Toyama projects and characteristics

         ・Nihonbashi Toyama tour etc.


12:00 to 13:00 Informal Lunch Meeting

         ・Fresh seafood straight from Toyama Bay

         ・New rice cultivar FUFUFU tasting

         ・Toyama sake tasting

<<Menu (tentative)>>

Appetizer, grilled fish, Sashimi, fried shiba shrimp, stewed dish, fried fish, rice, miso soup, pickles and sweets. (See the photo at the end of the page.) 

*Please let us know if you have any dietary restrictions when you apply for the event.

◎For reference purposes: Nihonbashi Toyama


We have closed registration since there are no more openings available. Thank you!




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TEL: 03-3501-5251


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