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The 2023 Spring Food Festival Executive Committee

[Tokyo Tokyo Delicious Museum: report] Unbookable and Michelin Guide-listed Restaurants in Ariake!


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 Tokyo Tokyo Delicious Museum: report

Unbookable and Michelin Guide-listed Restaurants in Ariake!

The 2023 Spring Food Festival Executive Committee put on Tokyo Tokyo Delicious Museum in Ariake to promote the culinary allures of Tokyo, an ever-evolving city packed with a variety of the best world-class delicacies. The event drew many visitors to Ariake on May 19-21, 2023, with the opening ceremony held on the first day. In addition to Ariake, this year's event was expanded to include three more venues in Tokyo, tie-ups with individual establishments, and food delivery.


Tokyo attracts a diverse range of cuisines from across Japan and the world to give birth to a distinctive culinary culture that has earned the city international acclaim. At the 2023 edition of Asia's 50 Best Restaurants, Tokyo restaurants won second place and accounted for four out of the top ten. Tokyo Tokyo Delicious Museum provides a relaxing place to experience Tokyo's food and for restaurants and customers to contemplate and enjoy food together. The event also promotes this ever-evolving city of Tokyo and the allures of Tokyo cuisine. The inaugural event was held in 2022.


This year, we invited five food specialists as producers to carefully select restaurants that in their eyes showcase Tokyo cuisine today. The event attracted 42 participating restaurants. The distinguished participants you would never have seen at an exhibition before included establishments with stars in the Michelin Guide and some nearly unbookable restaurants. Students who will carry on our culinary heritage also joined with exhibitions offering creative, original menus allowing visitors to experience Tokyo cuisine today. Many visitors also gathered at 100-Person Table, which was set up as a place where everyone can enjoy a meal together around a table, something that was difficult to do during the pandemic. It was a lively event where everyone enjoyed the variety of Tokyo cuisine.


<Comments by event producer Honda Naoyuki at the opening ceremony>

"I usually travel overseas for work, and I've noticed that there's strong interest there in Japanese food and people from all over the world want to come to Japan. This Tokyo Tokyo Delicious Museum is a rare opportunity to bring together so many Tokyo restaurants so everyone can visit them at once. I think this is one of Tokyo's strengths. I hope people from overseas and residents of Tokyo will come to this event, and that many people will enjoy the next three days. Thank you very much."


The Ariake venue hosted on-stage events every day with a variety of content so visitors could enjoy food even more. The packed event schedule also included workshops for visitors, street performances, and much more.





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