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Snow Country Tourism Office

TIMELESS YUKIGUNI Promotional Movie wins International Tourism Film Awards!


The TIMELESS YUKIGUNI movie has been awarded prizes at Film Festivals in Turkey and South Africa. Both festivals are part of the world’s biggest International Tourism Film Network, CIFFT, which is certified by the UNWTO (United Nations World Tourism Organization.)

International Tourism Film Festival Africa – ITFFA (South Africa ): Gold Award in Tourism Services
International Tourism Film Festival, Cappadocia (Turkey): Silver Award in Tourism Services

The prize winning film “Inspiration and Comfort | TIMELESS YUKIGUNI” follows the seemingly disconnected threads of the traveller and the voice of the local. At first the two timelines don’t meet but the story unfolds as the traveller comes into contact with a different culture and begins to understand the people and lifestyle of Yukiguni, and a dialogue begins.

The film can be viewed on YouTube.

TIMELESS YUKIGUNI is a consortium that was formed in December 2020 consisting of 12 top class accommodations in the Yukiguni Tourism Zone. Mainly targeting modern luxury travelers from the West, it promotes unique accommodations that offer the utmost in comfortable stays, combined with the food culture, onsen, and architecture and other inspirations that can only be found in the Yukiguni region.

■TIMELESS YUKIGUNI Participating Accommodations
HATAGO Isen, Yukiguni-no-Yado Takahan, Kaikake Onsen (in Yuzawa, Niigata)
Satoyama Jujo, ryugon (in Minami Uonuma, Niigata)
Hinano-Yado Chitose, Sake-no-Yado Tamakiya (in Tokamachi, Niigata)
Bettei Senjuan, Ryokan Tanigawa, Hoshi Onsen Chojukan, Keisetsu-no-Yado Shobun, Tatsumikan (in Minakami, Gunma)

■Creators living in the area achieving international acclaim.
The film was produced by creators based in the Yukiguni Tourism Zone. It is due to the fact that the creators live in the Snow Country region that they are able to capture the beauty of the area in the winter. Mr. Ken Fujino, the producer and director, said, “Luxury travelers from the West are no longer looking for just opulence and status, but have changed to focusing on authenticity and experiences that are significant to them personally. This film depicts a journey that expands cultural awareness and insights, to appeal to this new luxury class of tourists.”

Production Company: N37 inc.
Producer & Director: Ken Fujino (resident of Tsunan, Niigata)
Filming & Editing: Hisao Moriyama (resident of Minami Uonuma, Niigata)
Music: Takumi Yamanouchi (resident of Minami Uonuma, Niigata)

YUKIGUNI-Lives shaped by snow Official Website:

■Contact details for further enquiries
Snow Country Tourism Office -  Tomoko Hosoya
TEL: 025-785-5353 FAX: 025-785-6767 Email:
YUKIGUNI-Lives shaped by snow Official Website:

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