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PV Reborn Association

[PV Reborn Assoc.] World-first technology to extract high-purity materials from waste solar panels to contribute to stable solar panel supply chain and energy security


The PV Reborn Association*1 mentioned in the website of the Ministry of Environment, Niimi Solar Company, Ltd.*2, and Tamiya Manufacturing Company*3 successfully completed a new solar panel (Rebornpanel *5) produced from raw materials including sheet glass, solar cells and interconnectors extracted from waste solar panels on July 31, 2023. This was realized by Sakumoto Solar Panel Pyrolysis System, a world-first technology.

As global warming extremes which is called "global boiling", the world is frequently experiencing extreme weather.
To promote decarbonization, renewable energy, especially solar power, is expanding rapidly around the world, especially in China, the EU, and India. Increasing disposal of solar panels, which are said to have a lifespan of approximately 25 years, has become a social issue.

However, the technology to extract and recycle high-purity raw materials from waste solar panels is not yet widely used in the world. As a result, when disposing waste solar panels as industrial waste, waste solar panels (especially glass) are landfilled, and there are concerns about environmental pollution caused by illegal dumping of panels containing hazardous substances.

On the other hand, there are few countries in the world that are self-sufficient in energy, and the stable supply of energy is an issue for each country.

Under these circumstances, the PV Reborn Association and Niimi Solar Company, Ltd. decided to strive to realize horizontal recycling and to manufacture new solar panels (Rebornpanels) using raw materials extracted from waste panels.

We hope that this technology brings the supply of solar panels to be recycled semi-permanently within our own country to realize energy independent and to contribute to energy security and ultimately world peace.

 [Future alliance with Tamiya Manufacturing Company]
Tamiya Manufacturing, Niimi Solar Company Ltd., and the PV Reborn Association will work comprehensively together to contribute to environmental conservation in Japan and the world by leveraging the experience and expertise cultivated over the years in solar panel manufacturing, maximizing the world's first decarbonized pyrolysis solar panel recycling equipment developed by Niimi Solar Company.

【Plans for future overseas expansion】
The PV Reborn Association and Niimi Solar Company, Ltd. begin manufacturing and selling Sakumoto Solar Panel Pyrolysis System, building reborn parks, and producing Rebornpanels in the countries and areas in EU, the US, China, India as early as 2024. The association is looking for business partners and capital providers.

*1 An organization (representative of board: Takahisa Fujii, headquarter: Nishiawakura-son, Okayama Prefecture) promotes horizontal recycling of waste solar panels. The association is introduced in “Study Concerning the Promotion of Recycling, etc. of Spent Solar Cell Modules in FY 2022” on the website of the Ministry of Environment.

*2 Hideyuki Sakumoto, representative director, developed a prototype of Sakumoto Solar Panel Pyrolysis System.

*3 Koichi Tamiya, president, headquartered in Tawaramoto-cho, Nara prefecture, manufactures custom-design solar panels and high-performance heat-reflective glass.

*4 World-first equipment decomposes solar panels to extract high pure materials without emitting CO2. (prototype)

*5 A new solar panel produced from sheet glass, solar cells and interconnectors extracted by Sakumoto Solar Panel Pyrolysis System

Public Relations: Shiro Nakashima
PV Reborn Association, general incorporated foundation

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