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Dream Yosakoi Festival Global Promotion Foundation

The 21st Dream Yosakoi Dance Festival “Closing Event” will be held at Tokyo Tower’s e-sports park


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~The first 4-sided LED virtual space Yosakoi performance as a Japanese festival.

 Special collaboration with Japanese brand "KANSAI YAMAMOTO"~


The Dream Yosakoi Festival Global Promotion Foundation (Minato-ku, Tokyo) will hold the “Special closing Event of 21st Dream Yosakoi Dance Festival " on Sunday, January 29, 2023, at Tokyo Tower, including RED° TOKYO TOWER, one of the largest e-sports parks in Japan.

The event will be held for the first time as the closing event of the "21st Dream Yosakoi Festival" held in Tokyo Odaiba and Marunouchi on November 5 and 6 last year.

Highlights of the festival include three cutting-edge initiatives unique to the Dream Yosakoi Festival, which is "10 steps ahead of the rest".

(1) Yosakoi performance on a 4-sided LED walls stage, which is the first festival in Japan to allow visitors to experience a performance in an impossible space, such as outer space or original computer graphics, through live viewing and post-programming.

(2) A special collaboration with "KANSAI YAMAMOTO" will be held, and the stunning performance in the costumes presented in the collection will be a must-see. You can enjoy a new world view of Japanese festivals.

(3) "JULIANA'S YOSAKOI," a tribute to the legendary disco "JULIANA'S TOKYO" in Minato Ward, the host city's hometown, will also be performed. We will transmit TOKYO's innovative festival culture to the world from Tokyo Tower.

***** Outline 21st Dream Yosakoi Dance Festival Special closing Event *****   

【Date】 January 29, 2023 (Sunday) 

【Place and time】 Tokyo Tower (4-2-8 Shibakoen, Minato-ku, Tokyo)
 (1) RED°TOKYO TOWER SKY STADIUM (in Tokyo Tower Foot Town)
  (Open to the public / admission charged / free distribution on official YOUTUBE in early February after recording)
   1st 10:30-10:50 Opening Ceremony / 11:00-12:30     
   2nd 14:30-16:00 
   3rd 18:00-19:30 
 (2) [Outdoors] Tokyo Tower Main Entrance side (free admission) 
      1st 13:30~14:30
   2nd 17:00~18:00 

【Special Cooperation】 TEG,INC.  【Tie-up】 TOKYO TOWER Co.,Ltd

【Outline of the event】
 ・Festival using a 4-sided LED stage: Yosakoi performance by 400people
 ・Special collaboration with KANSAI YAMAMOTO
 ・Disco dance "JULIANA'S YOSAKOI" paying homage to JULIANA'S TOKYO 
 ・Demonstration Yosakoi performance at the outdoor venue

【Participating Yosakoi Teams】 Approximately 400 Yosakoi teams dancers from the Tokyo metropolitan area

◆For more information, click here.

◆Paid admission at RED°TOKYO TOWER SKY STADIUM, Seated viewing with all seats unreserved
 【1st】 \2,000 Doors open 10:00, Starting 10:30-12:30
 【2nd】 \2,000 Doors open 14:00, Starting 14:30-16:00 
 【3rd】 \2,000 Doors open 17:30, Starting 18:00-19:30
 Advance Ticket Details (application deadline: January 27), Same-day tickets available at the venue

Dream Yosakoi Festival Official PR Video


Dream Yosakoi Festival Global Promotion Foundation
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