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Tokyo Metropolitan Government (TMG)

[TMG] Details of “SusHi Tech Tokyo 2024” Showcase Program Announced (Part 1)


Press release
PDF ver.


SusHi Tech Tokyo 2024 is an international event designed to spark innovation from Tokyo, with the aim of addressing challenges common to cities worldwide and presenting urban models to the global community. The event comprises three programs to be held in the same period: the “City Leaders Program,” attended by leaders from cities from all five continents; the “Global Startup Program,” one of the largest startup events in Asia; and the “Showcase Program,” which is aimed at presenting future urban models to the world.


We are pleased to announce the initial details of the "SusHi Tech Tokyo 2024" Showcase Program, which will take place in the Tokyo Bay area in April and May. The program will focus on providing visitors with experiences centered around “Sight,” “Touch,” “Hearing,” and “Taste,” offering a glimpse of the Tokyo of 2050. It will also feature a song, to be produced by popular artist yama, capturing the essence of the event. 


For more details about the event, please see the attached PDF file. 



■For inquiries:

Project Promotion Section, Planning and Coordination Section, Office of the Governor for Policy Planning (in charge of Tokyo Bay eSG Project), Tokyo Metropolitan Government  


  Regarding the general project, contact Mr. Yokoyama  

  Regarding the Ariake Arena, contact Ms. Fukuda  

  Regarding the National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation, contact Mr. Yokoyama  

  Regarding the Symbol Promenade Park, contact Mr. Sugimoto  

  Regarding the Umi-no-Mori area, contact Mr. Maeda


Telephone: 03-5388-2088 (direct)

Email: S00015002(at)

*The email address has been changed to counter spams. Please replace (at) with @ when using the email address.


Regarding SusHi Tech Tokyo 2024 Showcase Program

PR secretariat: Shimamoto, Shirojima, Kitajima

Telephone: 03-5572-6071



■Photos (from the left):

3. Conceptual image of the Mobility Area

4. Conceptual image of the food area

5. The conceptual image of the Umi-no-Mori area

6. Conceptual image of the Market Area

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