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Miyazaki Prefecture

“SHOCHU Mix Up 2020 ~The Future of Miyazaki Shochu”


Press release
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Fascinating Mixology Event of Authentic Shochu from Miyazaki,
Japan’s No.1 Shipper for 5 Consecutive Years!
Various Event Contents Confirmed! Event Coming up on January 26th!!

The prefecture of Miyazaki, Japan’s biggest shipper of authentic shochu for 5 consecutive years, will be holding an event called “SHOCHU Mix Up 2020 ~The Future of Miyazaki Shochu” produced by Shuzo Nagumo, Japan’s leading mixologist, - at PLUSTOKYO (Ginza 1 chome, Tokyo) on January 26, 2020, to explore further potential of Miyazaki’s authentic shochu.

Currently, the popularity of distilled liquor is growing globally. Among them all, Shochu is a very rare kind of distilled liquor, unique to Japan, which, as in sake-making, uses “Koji” (malted rice). Shochu is distilled liquor with a strength of 20-25%(alcohol proof), and many people enjoy drinking it as an accompaniment to food. Also, unlike other distilled liquor, young fresh shochu has a flavor which is easy to enjoy. Globally-speaking, this is near miraculous technology.
 This event aims in a new way to show people from all over the world the unknown greatness of the unique, distilled liquor, Shochu. Using mixology (cocktails mixed with shochu), distilleries from Miyazaki will collaborate with various ambassadors – top class bartenders, sommeliers and bartenders.
 In addition, seminars and talk shows are scheduled, and a one-day-only specialite menu, using local Miyazaki ingredients will be prepared and served by chefs from one of the most popular French restaurants in Tokyo. Please, come and enjoy this great opportunity to experience this special event.

※Mixology is a made-up word combining “mix” and “logy”. Literally, it means “the study of mixing” but, in the cocktail world, the word generally applies to any cocktails created with imaginative outside-of-the-box ideas. Mixologists are people who make such cocktails. (Excerpts from “The Methods and Techniques for Creating Mixology Cocktail” by Shuzo Nagumo)

<Event Outline>
Date:26th of January, 2020 (Sunday)
        11:00〜18:00 (Reception opens from 10:30) ※Last order 17:30
Venue:PLUSTOKYO 12F/RF Kirarito Ginza
        1-8-19 Ginza Chuo-ku, Tokyo
Price:3,500 yen(includes  6 vouchers)
The entrance fee (3,500 yen) comes with 6 vouchers, which can be exchanged for cocktails and drinks at the event. There will be free drinks as well. Additional vouchers will be sold at the venue: 3,000 yen for 6, and 6,000yen for 12

To purchase tickets:
Please visit and apply at Livepocket

<Event Contents> ※There may be change in schedule.
◼️Serving of mixology cocktails created by ambassadors ①12:00~13:30 ②14:00~15:30 ③16:00~17:30
※Ambassadors change by each slot.

◼️Seminars by distilleries
①12:00  ②14:00  ③15:00  ④16:00  ⑤17:00 ※40 minutes each
◼️Special seminar & panel discussions
①12:00 “Study of the Shochu Cocktail”- seminar by Shuzo Nagumo
②13:00 “The Future and Potential of Shochu”- panel discussion   by distilleries.
③14:00 “The Maturation of Shochu”- panel discussion by distilleries
④15:00 “Pairing of Authentic Shochu and cuisine” – seminar by   Motohiro Okoshi
⑤16:00 “The Future and Potential of the Shochu Cocktail”- panel         discussion by bartenders.
※50 minutes each
◼️Shochu tasting ※Open all day
◼️ Serving of Spécialité Menu using local Miyazaki ingredients
Florilege (Aoyama/Gaienmae): Chef Hiroyasu Kawate
Hommage (Asakusa): Chef Noboru Arai

<Participating Distilleries > ※Random Order
Takachiho shuzou(Takachiho-machi)
Kagura shuzou(Takachiho-machi,Saito-shi)
Himeizumi shuzou (Hinokage-cho)
Sato shochu seizoujou(Nobeoka-shi)
Osuzuyama jouryusho(Kijyou-cho)
Kuroki honten(Takanabe-cho)
Unkai shuzou(Miyazaki-shi, Aya-cho, Gokase-cho)
Watanabe shuzoujou(Miyazaki-shi)
Ochiai shuzoujou(Miyazaki-shi)
Suki shuzou(Kobayashi-shi)
Akashi shuzou(Ebino-shi)
Kirishima shuzou(Miyakonojyo-shi)
Yanagita shuzou(Miyakonojyo-shi)
Kodama jouzou(Nichinan-shi)
Kyoya shuzou(Nichinan-shi)
Furusawa jouzou(Nichinan-shi)
Inoue shuzou / Sakuranosato shuzou(Nichinan-shi)
Jukai shuzou(Kushima-shi)
Shouro shuzou(Kushima-shi)

<Participating Ambassadors> ※Random Order/ titles omitted
Tatsuo Terada(ANTONIO/Miyazaki)
Tetsuro Tamura(BarTamura/Miyazaki)
Taro Yamashita(barShuLIST/Miyazaki)
Masumi Yoshise(Bar BUTLER /Miyazaki)
Ryodai Awato(BAR AWATO/Miyazaki)
Yui Ogata(Wine&Bar Mugiya/Miyazaki)
Tsuyako Yamamoto(barPorePore/Miyazaki)
Ryushin Komatsuyama(Kakuuchishinato/Miyazaki)
Masanobu Sato(BarTackTack/Miyazaki)
Kohei Taguchi(Tachinomitatanbar/Miyazaki)
Makoto Ishibashi(Suntory shotbar4665 /Miyazaki)
Shintaro Katsuragi(Bar Zabou/Miyazaki)
Ryo Nakamura(Y.Y.G FACTORY)
Takayuki Ishitani(TAKA ISHITANI)
Shuichi Nagatomo(Bar Oscar/Fukuoka)
Naotaka Ohashi(Food Curator)
Masatsugu Kawasaki(THE BAR Elixir K/Osaka)
Takamitsu Nasu(Pusser‘s New York Bar/Munich)
Mina Ebihara (HINATA master blender/Freelance Bartender)
                                                           And more

<Participating Specialists> ※Random order/titles omitted
Producer: Shuzo Nagumo
Japan’s leading mixologist, Nagumo is constantly creating innovative cocktails using cutting edge techniques and tools. He started working in the bar industry in 1998, and worked for a variety of bars before joining “Nobu London” at the Metropolitan Hotel in London in 2006. After returning to Japan, he joined “XEX Tokyo” as head bartender. In 2009, he opened his own bar, “The BAR codename MIXOLOGY Tokyo” and 5 more followed. Now as well as managing his group of bars, he plans and develops drink promotions, produces bars, and holds cocktail seminars both domestically and globally, and actively engage in various fields.

Chef: Hiroyasu Kawate Florilege (Aoyama/Gaienmae)
First working at ”QED Club” (Ebisu), ”OHARA ET CIE” (Roppongi) and ”Le Bourguignon” (Nishiazabu), Kawate moved to France in 2006. Returned to Japan in 2007, after working at “Le Jardin des Sens” in Montpellier. He joined “Quintessence” (Shiroganedai) as a sous-chef before opening his own restaurant, “Florilege”, in Gaienmae in 2009. In 2018, awarded 3rd place in Asia’s 50 Best Restaurants. Also received 2 Michelin stars in 2018, 2019 and 2020.

Chef: Nobuaki Arai   Hommage(Asakusa)
Born in Asaka, Tokyo 1974.Departed to France after apprenticeship in restaurant in Tokyo.
Learned French philosophy through various restaurants such as "Le Clos des Cimes”(★★) and “Auberge La Feniere” (★)Returned to Japan and opened his own restaurant “HOMMAGE."
The restaurant received 2 Michelin stars in 2018, 2019 and 2020.

Winetaster/Sommelier Motohiro Okoshi
International A.S.I Sommelier Diploma/WSET Sake Level 3 & Educator
After 3 years in France, earned diploma in cultivation and distillation field. Became chef sommelier at Lecrin Ginza after returning to Japan. Started being winetaster/sommelier from June of 2013. With his latest knowledge after traveling to wineries and restaurants all over the world, he consulted Japan Airlines, popular to casual restaurants, and importers. Also he teaches and lectures as well as writes materials.  He is invited as Senior judge for IWC, IWCC to review international wines and to constantly deliver the essence of wine. He has a great reputation for pairing sake, shochu and wine with meals. He opened modern Vietnam restaurant An Di at Gaienmae, and serves latest asian food along with worldwide wine and national liquors.

Photographer: Mikio Hasui
Hasui was born in Tokyo in 1955. After working as an art director, he became a photographer. He first attracted the attention of people on the cultural and editorial scene with his portraits, but he soon expanded into storytelling-like photography and solidified his status. His work “PEACE LAND”, in which you can see his unique worldview and his approach to getting elaborate messages from still pictures, was published as a series and housed in National Library of France in 2009. His “Yomu Shashin(Meaning:reading photo)” was also housed in the same library in 2010. In 2013, a one-man exhibition, ”IMAGINE IN THE LIGHT”, was held at COMME des GARCONS BLACK SHOP (Berlin). His work has also been part of various special exhibitions, including “Two Mountains” (2014, Kuala Lumpur) and “PHOTOGRAPHY NOW” (2017, London). In 2019, he won the APA Awards’ Beautiful Japan Prize with his "Thermos" graphics.
※Some of the photographs exhibited at the venue were taken especially for this event by Hasui at the distilleries in Miyazaki

"PLUSTOKYO" consists of 2 floors - a 300 tsubo lounge floor with the theme of "hotel lobby" and a rooftop of about 180 tsubo where guests can enjoy resort feel in the center of the city. As we approach 2020, the way we use our time and the way we hang out is changing. Adapting to changes like the nighttime economy and work style reforms, PLUSTOKYO is a place where adults can hang out. It can be a club, a café bar, a gallery or a new place to play around with music.

Event held by Miyazaki prefecture in cooperation with Miyazaki Sake and Shochu Makers Association



●Contacts for interviews and publications:
“SHOCHU Mix Up 2020. Future of Miyazaki Shochu” PR office
Kiwa corporation co. ltd (Ishikawa, Toyama, Hayata)
TEL:03-5453-6682vFAX 03-3465-8145

●Contact for Miyazaki prefecture:
Miyazaki prefecture, Commerce and Tourism
Department, Tourism Economic Exchange
Bureau, All Miyazaki Section, Product Promotion (Ikeda & Sumi)
TEL:0985-26-7591/ FAX:0985-26-7327

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