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Shinshiro City Hall

[Press Release] Newcastles of the World Alliance Conference Host


Press release
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~Newcastles Around the World Gather in the City of Shinshiro, Aichi Prefecture~ 
(with the Support of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan)


   The Newcastles of the World Alliance Conference in an international conference which gathers every two years among member cities that hold different cultures and histories but are united under the same name, "Newcastle" or "New Castle". Each of the cities takes turns hosting the conference to acknowledge the significance of the connections among the cities and the people, to clarify the role and possibility of the conference in the future, and to launch collaborations with each other. The number of participants in each Newcastles of the World Alliance Conference has increased throughout the years, with 16 cities (14 countries) currently taking part and with more than 1.23 million citizens having the chance to interact with one another.


   20 years since the establishment of this alliance, the City of Shinshiro (Japan) is hosting the 11th Newcastles of the World Conference. The aim of this conference is to foster relationships and collaborations, to share and enjoy one another’s heritage and culture, to develop the involvement of youth, and to increase business opportunities.


  We believe that those participating in the conference will share a unique bond with the members of the alliance, and we hope to extend that connection to various other possibilities in the future. Finally, we hope that this will all culminate to promote and stimulate new social activities and economic opportunities.



Developing our Alliance for the next 20 Years, for newer and stronger collaborations and exchanges in education, culture, business and tourism.



October 4(ThursdayShinshiro Cultural Hall [Open to the Press]

9:00 Welcome Ceremony, Food from Newcastles Around the World, Conference

We will have a conference on the following: Introductions on Each Country, Looking Back on the Past 20 Years of the AllianceCultural Exchange. We await your coverage on our event.

October 8MondayHolidayShinshiro Cultural Hall [Open to the Press]

9:00 Conference/Joint CommuniqueFarewell Ceremony

As a wrap up of the week’s events, we will conduct the Joint Communique and hold youth presentations.



Shinshiro City Hall, Planning and Policy Division, Newcastle Exchange Section, Person in Charge: Matsushita



The main language of the conference will be in English, and there will be interpreters.

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