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[Event Announcement] Sabakeru: Sustainable Seafood Culture from the Japanese Kitchen, Nov. 29, Tokyo


Come experience the culinary culture of Japan and learn about sustainable seafood at Sabakeru: Sustainable Seafood Culture from the Japanese Kitchen, a hands-on cooking event at the Tokyo Kaikan Cooking School on Wednesday, November 29, hosted by The Nippon Foundation’s Sea and Japan Project (the “Umi To Nippon Project” in Japanese) and the multilingual web publication

Sabakeru: Sustainable Seafood Culture from the Japanese Kitchen

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■Date and time
- Wednesday, November 29, 2023
  Event check-in: 17:00–17:30
  Event: 17:30–21:30 (the event may run a little longer)

- Tokyo Kaikan Cooking School (Kokusai Building B2F, Marunouchi 3-1-1, Chiyoda, Tokyo)

- ¥5,000 per person (includes tax; payment procedure provided upon registering)
*This is a nonprofit event. Fee covers ingredients and other basic costs only.

- Murata Hiroshi (Gatten Sushi): Filleting fish and making “nigirizushi”
A deeply experienced fish handler, Murata trains sushi chefs in fish filleting, preparation, and presentation at Gatten Sushi, which operates more than 100 sushi shops both in Japan and abroad.
- Iida Yasuyo (Hirasō, “kaki-no-ha-zushi” specialist shop): Making “persimmon leaf” sushi
Iida works at Hirasō, a shop in Japan’s ancient capital of Nara specializing in “kaki-no-ha-zushi” launched in 1861. She will instruct in the traditional skills and flavor of Hirasō, with a history more than a century and a half long.

■Who can register?
- Foreign residents or visitors to Japan aged 20 or more

■Event size
- The event is for 18 people; individuals or groups of two people can apply, with participants chosen by lottery if necessary

■Event details
- The event provides a hands-on opportunity to experience Japanese culinary culture by prepping fish and making sushi, while also learning about the changing marine environment and the way that Japan’s sushi and seafood industries are adapting to it
- The event will be in Japanese, with simultaneous English interpretation provided and additional English support at each table
- Tentative schedule
17:00  Participants sign in at reception desk (registration confirmed; COVID protocols implemented) and prepare for event (stow personal items, wash hands, put on chef gear)
17:30  Welcome address
17:45  Explanation of event and the Nippon Foundation’s Sea and Japan Project
18:00  Instructors demonstrate “sanmai-oroshi”  technique of filleting fish (shown on large monitor)
18:15  Participants try their hands at filleting fish
19:00  Break
19:10  “Kaki-no-ha-zushi”  (persimmon leaf sushi) with “aji” (jack mackerel)
19:40  Make around five pieces of “nigirizushi”
20:10  Break
20:20  Dinner, served with Japanese wine and sake
21:10  Closing, participants share impressions

Organized by The Nippon Foundation in cooperation with the Umi no Gochisō Suishin Kikō and

Please read and agree to the below terms and conditions before applying.

■Requirements for participation
- Participant must be willing to handle raw fish, including filleting it
- Participant must be a foreign national in Japan at least 20 years of age
- Participant must be able to speak English at a conversational level

■Additional requirements
- Participant must have no seafood allergies (including shellfish and sea urchin)
- Participant must be able to attend event in its entirety
- Participant must agree to publication of photos and videos taken at the event on the organizer’s website and in reporting by various media
- Participant must have ready access to email

■How to apply
- Read the terms of application and complete and send in the application form.

■Application period
- Thursday, October 12, to Tuesday, October 31 (10:00 am)

■Application form

■Notification procedure
- Successful applicants will be informed by email by November 7; individuals not initially selected may be contacted later if spaces become available

■Other points
- Japanese chef’s jackets and hats will be provided on the day
- Please note that details of the event may change without prior notice
- Applicants are responsible for internet and communication fees associated with registration, as well as transportation costs to and from the venue on the day
- This is an insured event. If a participant is injured during the event, all medical expenses related to the injury will be covered if the requirements for coverage are met; participants are responsible for all other costs
- The organizers are not responsible for any accidents, injuries, or other incidents that occur on the way to the venue
- Other unspecified matters will be determined at the discretion of the organizers
- Participants will be required to fill out a questionnaire on the day of the event

■Regarding the handling of personal information
- Personal information of applicants will be responsibly managed by the organization Umi no Gochisō Suishin Kikō and will be used only for the purpose of providing information on the event or related matters; personal information will not be provided to third parties other than event partners without the consent of the person concerned, except when required by law

- Sabakeru Business Office

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