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Science Council of Japan

[Media Invitation] Science Council of Japan: Science 20 (S20) Japan 2019


Press release
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Science 20 (S20) Japan 2019
“Threats to Marine Ecosystems and Conservation of the Marine Environment
– with Special Attention to Climate Change and Marine Plastic Waste”

Kindly note that Science Council of Japan is to hold the above forum on 6th March.
Please refer below for the details;

1.Date&Venue:  6th March (Wed.) 2019 at Assembly Hall, Science Council of Japan 
    ① 09:30~13:30: Opening, Keynote speech and Panel discussion (open to press)
    ② 15:00~16:45:Joint Statement Discussion (closed)
    ③ 16:45~17:00:Joint Statement Adoption (open to press)
    ④ 17:20~17:40:Closing, handover of the Statement (open to press)
    ⑤ 17:40~18:00:Photo Session (open to press)

 ※The schedule for sessions ③~⑤ is subject to change.

2.About S20: 
   S20 is the forum consists of each national academy of the G20 members, whose aim is to publish the scientifically-founded joint-statement to propose important policy suggestions for the G20 Summit. This is the third time S20 is to be held.
   As Japan hosts the G20 Summit in 2019, Science Council of Japan, the representative organization of Japan’s scientists, convenes S20 as the host academy. The S20 Japan 2019 focuses on marine plastic waste as its theme of the joint-statement, and the statement aims to propose pertinent policy suggestions to the G20 Summit chairman, Prime Minister Shinzo Abe.

  “Threats to Marine Ecosystems and Conservation of the Marine Environment 
      – with Special Attention to Climate Change and Marine Plastic Waste”
    (for details, refer to the appendix)

To attend the press conference, send the following information to the email address below by 12:00 (JST), 4th March; 1 .Company name, 2 Kisha club, 3.Name of interviewer(s) with reading in Japanese, 4. Contact, 5. Kind of pictures you are going to take (Motion or Still), 6. Programmes you will attend (indicate which sessions you will attend with numbers ①~⑤ listed above)

※ Please register all interviewers. If a cameraman’s attendance is not yet to be confirmed, please indicate as such.

For enquiries
Mr. Sato, Ms. Arashiro, Ms. Kawabata, Mr. Yamada, 
International Affairs Division,  Science Council of Japan

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