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Tokyo Metropolitan Government (TMG)

[TMG] Publication of Tokyo Green Biz ~ “Tokyo Metropolitan Government Greenery Initiatives Ver.2”


The Tokyo Metropolitan Government is promoting “Tokyo Green Biz”. Looking 100 years into the future, this new green project aims to further enhance the value of our city’s greenery, bringing a sense of ease and calm to daily life, and to pass down our green spaces to future generations with the cooperation of Tokyo residents

Thus far we have received various opinions and suggestions from experts and young people on our Advisory Board, and have been looking into ways to strengthen and improve upon our project.

As a result, we are pleased to announce that we have compiled "Tokyo Metropolitan Government Greenery Initiatives Ver. 2." In addition to our existing initiatives, this includes new measures to strengthen Tokyo's greenery from three perspectives: "protecting," "nurturing" and "utilizing" our greenery.

1 Published material
“Tokyo Metropolitan Government Greenery Initiatives Ver.2”

2 Website
The published materials can be viewed at the following website.

Planning and Coordination Division, Office of the Governor for Policy Planning, Tokyo Metropolitan Government
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