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High School Students from 14 Countries Present Hiroshima Declaration About Nuclear Abolition and Peace-building (The 5th Hiroshima Junior International Forum)


The Hiroshima Prefectural Government hosted the 5th Hiroshima Junior International Forum from November 29 through December 13, which was held online every Sunday for three weeks. The goal of the event was to spread a message of peace overseas, deepen mutual understanding, and to train the next generation through discussions and exchanging views among participants.

This year, we had 15 Japanese high school student participants from Hiroshima Prefecture and Mie prefecture, and 15 foreign student participants from a total of 13 countries, some of which had large time differences with Japan.

During the forum, the participants listened to the testimony of A-bomb victim Ms. Keiko Ogura in English, and had lectures and group discussions regarding nuclear abolition and reconstruction and peace-building. At the end of the event, they created and presented “the Hiroshima Declaration” together, and then each participant wrote their own “action plan” in accordance with the Hiroshima Declaration.

The Hiroshima Declaration includes the challenges and solutions toward nuclear disarmament and peace-building, as well as the roles of Hiroshima and youth in said issues. Through this declaration, the participants hope to spread a message of peace overseas. You can refer to the website of Hiroshima Prefectural Government for the full text of “the Hiroshima Declaration” and a summary of the forum.

We would be really grateful if you could help us disseminate “The Hiroshima Declaration,” a message of peace from Hiroshima to all over the world.

International Affairs Division, Hiroshima Prefectural Government
(Liason: Makoto Ota)
TEL: +81-82-513-2361

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