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Foreign Press Center Japan

Press Release Listing Service Begins


Press release
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Press Release Listing Begins on FPCJ Site
for Foreign Media, Images and Video Possible
Together with Release Distribution Service

-Press Release Listing Service Begins

Foreign Press Center Japan (Uchisaiwaicho, Chiyoda, Tokyo; President Kiyotaka Akasaka; FPCJ below) will be starting a new Press Release Listing Service. The FPCJ will list press releases from local and national government bodies, universities, businesses, and other organizations that want to release information targeting a foreign audience, on its website (


Since its establishment in 1976, the FPCJ has supported reporting activities by members of the foreign media in Japan, and is the only public-interest corporation in Japan specializing in this type of activity.

The main users of the FPCJ website are journalists from foreign media organizations looking for information on Japan and support for their reporting activities. The website’s unique audience will make it an effective platform for reaching foreign media with this service, for organizations interested in releasing information about Japan overseas.


This service will list the client’s press release in a new section of the website (Noteworthy Press Releases from Japan) as part of the category providing information for foreign media(


-Improved Messaging in Combination with the Existing Press Release Distribution Service The FPCJ already provides a Press Release Distribution Service for sending press releases to foreign media organizations and embassies in Japan via email and fax. By using the new Press Release Listing Service in combination with the existing Distribution Service, it will now be possible to make images and videos available to the foreign media, which were unavailable as part of the distribution service.


There will also be a significant discount available when using both the Distribution Service and Listing Service.


[Service Fees]

                        Distribution*             Listing             Set (Distribution* + Listing)

Standard         18,000 JPY             20,000 JPY             30,000 JPY  <Set Discount: -8,000 JPY>

Rapid              21,000 JPY       25,000 JPY             35,000 JPY    <Set Discount: -11,000 JPY>

Express           26,250 JPY             30,000 JPY             40,000 JPY  <Set Discount: -16,250 JPY>

Same-day        35,000 JPY           (Unavailable)          (Unavailable)

(*The listed fees for distribution are for one A4 page.)

-For Release Listing, the fee will not change based on the length of the release.

-There is a significant discount for using both the Distribution Service and Listing Service.


■For details on the Press Release Listing Service, refer to its guide here:

■ For details on the Press Release Distribution Service, refer here:1 


[Contact Information]

Foreign Press Center Japan, Strategic Communications Division




Service Application Form: Application Form



Notes on Images for Listing



Please provide images along with the text of the release. (Even if it is just a logo, please provide at least one image that will be used as the main image)


①Please email the images here (sc[at] If they will total 5 MB or more in size, please split them up into several emails


②Maximum number of images: 12. One will be placed beside the title at the beginning, as well as being placed at the end with the rest of the images in centered rows of three


③File format: JPG, PNG, or GIF


④Image size: At least 260 pixels wide (or 180 pixels high), with a file size of approximately 400 KB per image


⑤Image layout:

For details on the layout, please refer to the sample layout (PDF). Also, refer to the Noteworthy Press Releases from Japan section where the release will be listed. *Refer to the sample layout and include the image numbers in it in the file names of the images sent to indicate where they should be placed.


⑥Image frame aspect ratio: 13:9

*This is only the aspect ratio of the image frame. The aspect ratio of the images sent will not be modified. Depending on the aspect ratio of the original image, there may be a white border along the edges of the frame. Vertical images will be placed in the center of a horizontal frame, with white space on either side. *Vertical images will be placed in the center of a horizontal frame, with white space on either side, as shown below.

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