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Nerima City

【Media Invitation】The Urban Agriculture World Summit Pre-Event to be held in Nerima


Press release
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Disseminate to the world Nerima urban agriculture that is unique among the world’s cases!
The Urban Agriculture World Summit Pre-Event to be held in Nerima
~Representatives of New York and London where the citizens engage proactively in urban agriculture
will participate in the Pre-Event!~

Schedule: November 23rd (Fri., national holiday), – November 25th (Sun.), 2018
Venue: Nerima Citizens Industrial Plaza in Coconeri(1-17-1, Nerima, Tokyo),
Heisei Tsutsuji Park (Azalea Park) (1-17-6, Nerima, Tokyo)and other sites

In November 2019, we host the Urban Agriculture World Summit, so that we could disseminate domestically and internationally the benefits and possibilities of the urban agriculture in Nerima where the citizens lead a good life, enjoying closeness to agriculture.    

This year, ahead of the Summit, we hold the Pre-Event from November 23rd at Nerima Citizens Industrial Plaza in Nerima 1cho-me, with the aim of widely disseminating the benefits of urban agriculture and building momentum. We will hold a variety of events for bringing a feeling of closeness to agriculture with the citizens, such as agriculture talk show, Neri-Marché, world market, etc.

And in the cities of New York and London, the citizens engage as well proactively in urban agriculture, so we kindly invite the governmental officers and researchers of the cities to the Pre-Event and they will offer to us an introduction of the urban agriculture of their city and take part in the panel discussion limited to the parties concerned with the other participants. 

① International Exchange Get-Together
You can enjoy various cultures of the world through mini stages, experience-based booths, 
panel exhibition, and so on.
◆Schedule:Fri. (national holiday), November 23rd, 1:00p.m.-5:00p.m.
◆Venue:On the third floor (Industrial event corner and Training room), Coconeri
◆No need prior application. Please come directly to the venue.
・Mini stages:Flamenco, Awa Dancing, Hula Dance, etc.
・Experience-based booths:Try-on native costume, Paraguayan embroidery, Tea-ceremony, 
Calligraphy(Sho-do), etc.
・Exhibit panels:Tokyo 2020 Olympics/Paralympics Games panels and Nerima city’s overseas friendship city panels for introduction, etc.
・Refreshments : Homemade refreshments such as Korean pancakes, chijimi, etc.

【Course for introducing our overseas friendship city「Try Tai Chi !」】
This is the course of 8 Form Tai Chi with combination of eight forms.(It is also good for beginners.)
◆Schedule:Fri. (national holiday), November 23rd,  Part1) 12:30p.m.-  Part2) 1:40p.m.
◆Venue:On the third floor (Training room 2), Coconeri
◆Application is closed.

② Diva Jazz Summit
We offer premium Jazz concert of tree divas; Naomi Grace(America), Maria Eva(Philippines) and Meri(Japan), with Swingy Okuda. (Application is closed.) 
◆Schedule:Fri. (national holiday), November 23rd, 5:00p.m.-7:00p.m.( Doors open at 4:00p.m.)
◆Venue:On the third floor, at Coconeri Hall
◆Prior application was needed and no more seats available.
◆Program:On Green Dolphin street, Watermelon Man, LOVE, On The Sunny Side Of The Street and other songs.

【BAR corner(fee-charging)】
“Nerima Younger Chefs Club”, a group of younger chefs in Nerima, will sell cocktail and cream buns using Nerima blueberries, in collaboration with ARCACHON, a popular cake shop in Nerima. This sale is limited on the venue.

③ Neri-Marché
Harvest season has come! Full of fresh vegetables grown by Nerima farmers, in-season flowers and fruits! You can get vegetables grown in Nerima, various dishes and processed food products using Nerima farm produce.
◆Schedule:Sat.,November 24th, 10:00a.m.-3:00p.m.
(The sale will end once all remaining stocks run out.) ※canceled only in case of heavy rain
◆Venue:Heisei Tsutsuji Park (Azalea Park)
◆Main selling items:
・Fresh vegetables such as Nerima-radish, cabbage, turnip, etc.
・In-season persimmon, Yuzu, etc.
・Flowers such as pansy, viola.
・Pot-sticker using Nerima farm produce, Chinese dishes, baked sweet potato, etc.
・Tokyo Winery newly-made wine using Nerima grape
・Sparkling liquor using Nerima blueberry

【Dishes using Nerima-radish prepared at kitchen car!】
Local chefs familiar with Nerima farm produce will sell their specialty dishes using Nerima vegetables and Nerima-radish.
◆Main selling menus
・Pasta meal using Nerima-radish and ground poultry
・Nerima-radish covered in a thick starchy sauce with breaded chicken
・Baked ground meat with Nerima-radish
・Rice cake using Nerima-radish, etc.

④ Recommendation of Nerima Life ~ “Everyone’s Agriculture”Talk Show~
This is the good opportunity for you to find out further benefits of living in Nerima from talks by Ms. Miyoko Omomo and other guests with AgriLife as theme. 
◆Schedule:Sat., November 24th, 10:30a.m.-12:00p.m. ( Doors open at 10:00a.m.)
◆Venue:On the third floor, at Coconeri Hall
◆The first 400 persons are allowed to attend with admission-free.
◆No need prior application so please come directly to the venue.
◆Guests:Ms. Miyoko Omomo(TV personality)、Mr. Shinya Morinaka(MC)、Ms. Riri Nakazaki(Editor-in-chief of a life information magazine, <Mignon>)、Mr. Tomokazu Motohashi (Nerima farmer)、Mr. Hirohisa Kato(Nerima farmer)

⑤  “Everyone’s Agri-Art”Contest Awarding Ceremony
We will announce the winners of “Everyone’s Agri-Art” Contest. The contest consists of two sections; one is for the ideas (pictures) about Nerima agricultural life in 20 years, and another is for the plans about city life co-existing with agriculture.

◆Schedule:Sat., November 24th, 12:00p.m.-12:30p.m.
◆Venue:On the third floor, at Coconeri Hall
◆No need prior application so please come directly to the venue.

⑥  World Market
We will offer a range of cute sundries from various places of the world, worldwide dishes such as Cuban sandwiches transmitted directly from real Miami and Napolitan pizza, and authentic craft beer.
◆Schedule:Sat., November 24th and Sun., November 25th, 10:00a.m.-6:00p.m.(until 5:00p.m. only on the 25th)
※The sale will end once all remaining stocks run out.
◆Venue:On the third floor, at Coconeri Hall

【“Everyone’s Agri-Art”Exhibit】
We will exhibit all works of the participants in “Everyone’s Agri-Art” Contest. We will also introduce urban agriculture of Nerima and the cities we invite for the Summit in 2019.

We will raise hand stamps of challenged children and their supporters from all over the world for producing mosaic art, so that we could build momentum for the Olympic and Paralympic Games Tokyo 2020. We will set up the booth at the venue of World Market for calling on many people to participate in this project.

⑦  Harvesting Experience
You can experience hands-on harvest of Nerima-radish and autumn vegetables at three farmlands in Nerima.
◆Schedule:Sun., November 25th, 10:00a.m.-12:00p.m.
◆Venue:at farmlands in Heiwa-dai, Doshida, Higashi-Oizumi
◆Application is closed.

⑧  Let’s Enjoy Nerima City Tour
We will provide harvesting experience in farmlands and walking tour around Nerima city only for foreign nationals.
◆Part1) Sun., November 25th, 9:30a.m.-12:00p.m. in Heiwa-dai farmland
◆Part2) Sun., November 25th,10:00a.m.-1:00p.m. in Higashi-Oizumi farmland
◆Prior application is needed.

【FYI】The Urban Agriculture World Summit to be held next year!
In Nerima City, farming has been penetrating into the citizens’ life. There are farmlands throughout the city and the citizens regard agriculture as an industry, which is worldwide rare case and is highly significant. It is the characteristic of Nerima that the citizens can lead a good life, enjoying closeness to agriculture. Thus we host the Urban Agriculture World Summit from Fri., November 29th to Sun., December 1st in 2019, so that we could disseminate domestically and internationally the benefits and possibilities of the cities where agriculture penetrates. We will kindly invite the governmental officers, farmers and researchers of New York, London, Jakarta, Seoul and Toronto where the citizens engage characteristically and proactively in urban agriculture. And we will hold international conferences for exchanging opinions and learning from each other through their introductions of urban agriculture initiatives.

【Contact information for inquiries】
For general questions: 
Kosuke Yamamoto (Director of Urban Agriculture World Summit Section) Tel;+81-3-5984-1668

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