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MINATO Bosai Festa -Let’s experience “Bosai -preparation for and risk reduction of disaster-” in English and easy Japanese


“Minato Bosai Festa” proceeded in English and Easy Japanese to further ensure the safety and security of foreign people.

Japan is an earthquake-prone country and yet there are not many chances for foreign people to know about disaster prevention measures.  Minato City will hold “Minato Bosai Festa” proceeded in English and Easy Japanese to further ensure the safety and security of foreign people. We would like foreign people to get basic knowledge of disaster preparedness, so that they will be able to protect themselves in a time of disaster.  In order to increase their awareness of preparation for emergency, we will encourage their participation in the local disaster drills at Shiba, Azabu, Akasaka, Takanawa and Shibaura-konan districts. 

There will be various interactive programs held in English and Easy Japanese in the booths at the event.  Minato International Disaster-relief Volunteers will assist you as an interpreter at each booth.  Visitors may enjoy learning about disaster preparedness through participating in the experience-based programs.    


Day & TimeSunday, June 9, 2019, 11:00 am4:00 pm

The event may be cancelled in heavy weather.

Target           anyone

Place           Roppongi Hills Arena (6-10-1, Roppongi, Minato-ku)


1. Roppongi Hills special tours (approx. 30 min. each)

- Stockpile storage (Tour starts at 11:30 am, 12:30 pm, 1:45 pm, and 3:00 pm)

- Rooftop garden (Tour starts at 1:00 pm and 2:30 pm)

* Each tour accepts the first 20 persons.

2. Practice for calling an ambulance

3. AED training

4. Evacuation training in smoke

5. Initial firefighting training using fire extinguishers

6. Bucket brigade game for firefighting (Game starts at 12:00 noon, 1:45 pm, and 3:00 pm, and lasts for 15min.)

7. Disaster message dial - introduction and practice

8. VR Bosai trailer (11:15 am – 3:00 pm)

9. Earthquake simulation vehicle (11:00 am – 3:00 pm)

10. Rescue demonstration by firefighters (Demonstration starts at 11:30 am and 2:00 pm, and lasts for 10 min.)

11. Emergency food for survival – introduction and tasting

12. Try the special suit on and become a firefighter!

13. Police motorcycle on display

14. Useful craft making for emergency

15. Bosai (preparation and risk reduction) information for your safety

16. Bosai in Easy Japanese (Yasashii Nihongo)


Reservation  No reservation necessary.

Admission    free

Others          Please contact the number below to apply for the interview before Monday, June 3.  Media reception desk will be placed at the headquarters on the day.  

Organized by Minato City

Co-organized by Mori Building Co., Ltd.

Cooperated by Azabu Fire Station, Azabu Police Station, NTT EAST, Social Welfare Corporation TOKYO COLONY, Minato International Association, Minato International Disaster-relief Volunteers

Contact         Global Community Planning Subsection, Community Promotion Section

Muta, Kambe, and Oshima (Tel :03-3578-2046)

Please call 080-7579-0980 for inquiries on the day.

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