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Minato City

A new multilingual AI chat service offers assistance on everyday life


Minato City in January launched a new multilingual AI chat service that automatically responds to queries from foreign residents on general and administrative matters encountered in everyday life.

The service enables the City to respond to foreign residents’ queries in a timely manner; and by analyzing the queries received the service also enables the City to better understand what information foreign residents require and what they are seeking. This will assist the City in its ongoing efforts to develop measures and policies to meet the needs of foreign residents.


Users can access the service through the Facebook Messenger application, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, and obtain the information they require directly by merely entering a desired keyword.


Users can query the service on a wide range of subjects including disaster preparedness, waste disposal rules, public schools, childrearing, international and cultural events, health and medical facilities, pension/insurance/tax, tourism, and neighborhood associations. Users can also access a knowledge base covering aspects such as Japan’s unique everyday customs and cultural differences.


As the AI accumulates chat experience with foreign residents and automatically analyses the data, the more queries from users, the more intelligent the service gets. Although the AI might be unable to answer a question initially, it won’t be too long before it can probably respond. Please gather your questions and give the service a go!



English and easy Japanese



How to use the service:

Log in to Minato Information Board (URL:,

send a message, and ask questions.




Global Community Planning Subsection, Community Promotion Section, Minato City

Call in Japanese or English: 03-3578-2565

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