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Minato City

Minato City AI Chat service available in multiple languages.


In Minato City, about 190,000 foreign nationals from approximately 130 countries are living.  The City is making use of AI in a chat function, in order to automatically answer questions that arise from everyday life or inquiries about administrative information, in Easy Japanese and English.
If residents ask questions entering good keywords, they will get easy-to-understand answers with maps or images.
With this, people can get the information they need 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, without visiting the city hall.
We are trying to understand and analyze residents’ questions right away to find out what they want or what kind of information they need, in an effort to develop measures to fit their needs.

How to Use
1.Access Facebook Page “Minato Information Board” at (External Link)
2.Click “Send Message”
3.Enter keywords to ask the AI questions
Available categories are as follows;
Disaster prevention, Waste disposal rules, Education, Childrearing, International/Culture events, Health/Medical institutions, Pension/Insurance/Tax, Tourism, Neighborhood Associations
 *Facebook Messenger app is required to use this service. It is free.

Global Community Planning Subsection
Tel: 03-3578-2565

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