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A sleepless hotel?! The “MANGA ART HOTEL, TOKYO” is scheduled to open in Jinbocho in February, 2019.


Press release
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An inspired and exciting night of manga

In February 2019, dot inc. is scheduled to open MANGA ART HOTEL, TOKYO, a hostel based on the theme “Sleepless Hotel”

which provides its guests with an overnight experience enjoy art through manga.



As we approach 2020 when Japan and Tokyo will be attracting the entire world’s attention, we are opening “MANGA ART HOTEL, TOKYO", a place to provide a never-before-seen accommodation experience in hopes of increasing the number of international tourists to Japan and to make them fall even deeper in love with Japan.

For this, we focused on one of the cultural industries for which Japan is the most proud of—manga.

Amidst the major domestic trend of electronic manga sales surpassing their paper versions, at MANGA ART HOTEL, TOKYO, we hope to provide a unique accommodation experience to guests by curating an exclusive selection of manga chosen based on the perspective of art. Here, guests can take the manga in their own hands and experience the special feeling of reading paperback mangas. We also hope to facilitate cultural exchange with diverse guests through the media of mangas, in enabling direct communication between the guests and the employees of the hotel who will double as hosts,


Selected 5,000 mangas, all with reviews


The bookshelves set out in the facility, as if something from a different dimension, are filled with mangas which have been curated based on an artistic perspective. We have prepared reviews for all the titles of over 5,000 books. Here, what awaits you is an encounter with a magical manga series that you cannot know by simply being looking at the book displays. We have also taken extra care to alter the selection of mangas for the male floor and female floor. For international visitors, we have also prepared English versions of our mangas.

Finally, all books here are available for purchase.



Jinbocho, Tokyo’s book district. The streets are lined with countless bookstores and it is also the home to many offices of publishing companies. Here, Japanese culture reverberates like a basso continuo even today. This neighborhood where context and culture coexist will soon be the host of the new MANGA ART HOTEL, TOKYO.Not only will this serve as a space for manga-lovers to go crazy, but we also hope that international visitors to Japan will feel a warm sense of hospitality through a deep experience of Japanese culture.

Transforming Jinbocho into a manga district.” That’s one of our visions.


Collaboration with pyjamas brand Nells

We are coming up with original goods in collaboration with Nells, a pyjamas brand with a revolutionary concept to create pyjamas that look good enough to go out in. The goods are in the form of pyjamas designed sophisticatedly based on the theme of manga and “that look good enough to go out”—the distinctive characteristic of Nells. Soak in the world of manga both in body and soul and take your night of manga to another level with these pyjamas.


1st Season Theme “MANGA “

Pictures, words and monologues. Countless “frames” weave them together to create a manga’s story. Wearing blank ”frame” patterns, what great story would you enjoy in your dream? (Scheduled to be release in mid-February.)


Architectural concept

MANGA ART HOTEL, TOKYO has appointed up-and-coming architect Tan Yamanouchi, winner for the Architects of the Year 2017 award to take charge of the hotel’s architectural design and brand development.


1: A Japanese space which is just a little different


By making use of the building structure as it is and combining various architectural materials, furniture, bookshelves, and 5,000 colorful mangas, we have created a space which resembles an ecosystem where diverse organisms coexist. The idea was to provide a modern translation for the ancient Japanese philosophy and belief that a deity resides in every individual object.

More concretely, the space consists of three zones: The public zone which houses the reception, utility zones with water and plumbing, and the guest room zone.

The concrete, acrylic, and neon signs create an urban vibe to the public zone which doubles as a link to the city. With wooden floors, white walls, and dim lighting, the utility zone has a comfortable and homey feeling. Lastly, the main guest room zone looks elegant, clean, and fresh with randomly placed white boxes, bookshelves, light pink beds, and chic furniture.

By connecting these three zones with tunnel-like channels, we have created an extraordinary ambience as if one is lost in a mysterious world, providing an entrance into the world of manga.


2: Brand development in parallel with architectural design

Architecture is one of Japan’s most prominent culture. Japan is a country which continues to churn out globally renowned architects and home to one of the best architectural cultures in the world. However, in its current state, the topic of architecture isn’t one that easily reaches the general public. With that in mind, we hope to convey the charms of the building itself to an even wider audience by not only having the architect design a building but also take charge of its brand development. The attractiveness of the building and the associated brand will also become the attractiveness of MANGA ART HOTEL, TOKYO.



This isn’t something done in passing, a side-hobby in one’s free time, or something done to kill time.

Instead, it’s an overnight manga experience planned intentionally for the sole purpose of soaking in the world of manga.


Even if you have chores to do,

you reach for book after book, absorbed in reading.

This comfortable feeling of defeat for manga.


Probably everybody has felt this before.

And you can find it here.


You’re in trouble if you discover a good series.

Be drawn into the wonderful world of manga.


Now, let’s lose ourselves to the irresistible power of manga tonight.


A sleepless, indulgent night


Project team:

MASAYOSHI MIKOSHIBA | dot inc. Co-Founder

Once held the best advertising sales performance in the country out of 500 employees in the Business       Department of Rakuten

He left Rakuten in 2014 after contributing to the establishment of Rakuten Singapore, part of Rakuten’s strategy for Asian expansion

After co-founding dot inc., he has managed a total of 400 rooms of unmanned simple hostels, Japanese-style inns, and manned hostels all over Japan.


YASUKAZU YOSHITAMA | dot inc. Co-Founder

Bachelor of Science in Engineering from Keio University. Master’s in City Innovation from Yokohama National University’s Graduate School of Urban Innovation.

At graduate school, He studied systems development on his own and established a systems production company in 2013.

In 2015, he delved into the business of hotel operations and housing and accommodation and started dot inc with Mikoshiba.


TAN YAMANOUCHI | AWGL Inc. CEO + Principal Architect

After graduating from a Master’s program at Keio University, Yamanouchi started his career in MD (Market Design) at Hakuhodo.

He gained experience in communications design at major companies and in in-house venture start-ups. Soon after that, he quit and advanced his career to become an architect.

In 2017, he won “Architects of the Year award 2017”.



ARCHITECT Tan Yamanouchi
CONSTRUCTOR Asuka Planning Office



AD / ART DIRECTOR    Tomoko Hamada
CW / COPY WRITER  Ryoko Kataoka


dot inc. Company Outline

Business name dot inc.
Japanese name 株式会社dot
Address 1-9-2, Minato, Chuo-ku, Tokyo
Managing directors

Masayoshi Mikoshiba,

Yasukazu Yoshitama
Business content Planning and development of accommodation businesses, hotel operations



AWGL Inc. Company Outline

Business name AWGL Inc.
Japanese name  株式会社AWGL
Address 1-33-3, Kamiuma, Setagaya-ku, Tokyo
Managing Director  Tan Yamanouchi
Business content   Architectural design, brand consulting



A pyjamas brand that provides a fun sleeping experience and designed for women who like to be stylish.

This pyjamas will be perfect not only for the bedroom and living room,

but can also function as a one-mile wear (casual clothes to be worn for trips close to home),

overturning the conventional functions of pyjamas.



Inspiration for the project

Being able to meet a wonderful manga series you have yet to read.

And getting sucked into its wonderful world for an entire night.

That’s just the kind of place we would like to create.

That was our inspiration for MANGA ART HOTEL, TOKYO.


As one of the most prominent Japanese cultures,

manga is something deep, something that lets us laugh, cry, think, learn,

and even enjoy as an artwork.

This time, we have chosen something that can move us, give value to us,

and are just amazing pieces of literature.


We would like to provide this experience to as many people as possible.

Not only to the people of Japan, but to people around the world.

This is an experience where one can discover a great manga series

in a perfectly comfortable and enjoyable space.


dot inc. Masayoshi Mikoshiba, Yasukazu Yoshitama




Address: 4F/5F, LANDPOOL KANDA TERRACE, 1-14-13, Kanda Nishikicho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo

Access:  Toei Shinjuku Line Ogawa Station B7 exit 1-minute walk

               Tokyo Metro Marunouchi Line Awajicyo Station B7 exit 1-minute walk

               Tokyo Subway Chiyoda Line Shinochanomizu Station B7 exit 1-minute walk

               Tokyo Metro Hanzomon Line Jinbocho Station A9 exit 7-minute walk

Number of guest rooms:35 rooms (16 women-only rooms, 19 men-only rooms, separate floors for male and female guests)

Official site:


SNS     Instagram @mangaart.hotel       Facebook @mangaarthotel        Twitter @mangaarthotel

Opening date: Scheduled for February 2019



Inquiries concerning the press release       TEL: 03-5572-7351 Email:

Customer inquiries                                     Email:

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