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Kansai Tourism Bureau

[Coverage information] G20 Osaka Summit Press Tour – Kobe City & Kyoto by the sea-


Press release
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G20 Osaka Summit Press Tour sponsored by Kansai Tourism Bureau
Dates: June 6-7, 2019

*This event is only for foreign media.

This year on 6/28 and 6/29, The G 20 Summit meeting will be held in Osaka.
Leaders from established and emerging nations will gather together to discuss stable economic development and how to establish long lasting economic success. The Ministry of Tourism meeting will be held in Hokkaido however, the Osaka summit venue, has a number of attractive tourism resources in the Kansai region.

With the summit quickly approaching, we have planned a press tour to visit Hyogo Prefecture (Kobe City) and Kyoto Prefecture (Miyazu City, Ine Town, Kyotango City) for foreign media representatives in Tokyo.

This year’s Rugby World Cup will be held in part in the city of Kobe where you can enjoy world famous Kobe Beef and world renown sake. In addition, we will have the chance to visit  Amanohashidate, one of Japan's three scenic spots found in northern Kyoto, Ine which evokes nostalgia, tradition and culture and Kyotango, which forms part of the San-in Coast Geopark which stretches to all the way to Tottori. We will be focusing on the beauty of the natural landscape.

We cordially invite members of the Foreign Media Press to take part in this wonderful opportunity.

※ If you would like to participate, please go to the “Application Form” on the 5th page of the press release PDF version published on our homepage.  Please send by email.

[Tour Itinerary]

1. Dates: June 6-7, 2019

2.  Schedule:
*The schedule is not yet finalized, and may change without notice.

〈June 6 ( Thu.)〉 
07:50-10:37      Tokyo to Shin-Kobe (by JR Shinkansen)
11:20-12:10      Kobe City Misaki Park Stadium Tour
12:30-14:15      Kobe Beef Lunch
15:18-16:46      Amagasaki to Fukuchiyama (by JR Limited Express)
16:50-17:28      Fukuchiyama to Amanohashidate (by JR Limited Express)
17:45      Hashidate Bay Hotel.

〈June 7 ( Fri. )〉
08:00      Leave hotel    
08:30-09:00      Sea Taxis cruise on Ine Bay.
09:00-09:30      Funaya Visit
09:40-10:00      Mukai Brewery visit and sake tasting
11;00-12:00      Kyotango’s famous manufacturing process for Tango Chirimen “ Tayuh “
12:10-13:10      Sushi lunch at Torimatsu Restaurant. 
14:00-15:00      Kasamatsu Park
15:31-16:27      Amanohashidate to Nishimaizuru (by Café Train “Akamatsu”)
16:33-18:08      Nishimaizuru to Kyoto (by JR Limited Express )
18:21-20:33      Kyoto to Tokyo (by JR Shinkansen)

1.      Participation Requirements : Holder of Foreign Press Registration Card issued by the Ministry of  Foreign Affairs.
2.      Participation Cost : JPY 15,000 (Covers travel, food and accommodation expenses)
3.      Number of Participants : 10 persons (1 writer & 1 camera person, 2 TV staff representatives)
       In case of more than 10 applications, we will increase the upper limited based on the country of origin of the applicants.
4.      Application & payment Due : May 28, 2019, 12:00p.m.(noon)
       Please go to the “Application Form” on the 5th page of the press release PDF version published on our homepage.  Please send by email.
5.      Kansai Tourism Bureau Promotions Department
Contact Persons Mr. Sagawa Mr. Nakai
6.      Notes
(1)     This press tour is sponsored, planned and operated by Kansai Tourism Bureau, with the cooperation of the 2019 G20 Osaka Summit Kansai Promotion Cooperation Council.
(2)     The contents of this tour are subject to change without notice.
(3)     The participant fee pays a part of expense. It is not for the purpose of profit.
(4)     The organizer does not take any responsibility for any trouble, accident etc. during the tour.
(5)     Please follow the instructions of the person in charge for photography and TV shooting.

Kansai Tourism Bureau--- Promotion Department
Mr. Sagawa   E-mail :
Mr. Nakai    E-mail :

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