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Japan Foreign Trade Council, Inc. (JFTC)

JFTC publishes “Foreign Trade 2022”


JFTC publishes “Foreign Trade 2022”

~Second highest exports and imports brought Total Trade Value at all-time high.
Japan’s balance of trade turns deficit again, reflecting rising prices of energy
and natural resources. ~

Japan Foreign Trade Council, Inc., JFTC (Chairman: KOBAYASHI Ken, Chairman- Mitsubishi Corporation) is pleased to announce the new release of “Foreign Trade 2022”, a data book with full coverage of Japan’s foreign trade statistics for the year 2021.


Using latest trade statistics released in January by the Ministry of Finance, “Foreign Trade 2022” features Japan’s foreign trade, by area and by commodity. It is abundant with graphs and charts, and concise comments so readers can quickly grasp the basic trend of Japan’s trade. Items such as Nonferrous Metals, Power Generating Machine and Semicon Machinery etc. are added to Chapter 2. Trade by Major Commodity and Data Chapter was also improved this year.


JFTC’s “Foreign Trade 2022” is available for purchase at large bookstores, government book centers and, etc.


Complimentary copy is available for foreign media in Japan and foreign embassies in Japan. Please contact Research Group for further information.

【Foreign Trade 2022 Details】


Release Date: March 31, 2022
 Language: Japanese and English
 ISBN: 978-4-931574-36-6
Price: 550 yen (tax included)

-Main Chapter: Overview of Trade (Exports; Imports; Total Trade Value and Trade Balance; Foreign Exchange and Trade Index Fluctuations; Quarterly Contribution)
Trade by Major Area and Country (Asia (China, Korea, Taiwan, ASEAN, Thailand, Indonesia, Other Asian Areas & Countries); USA; EU(Germany); UK; Oceania; Central South America (Brazil, Mexico); Russia; Middle East; Africa)
Trade by Major Commodity (Foodstuff; Mineral Fuels; Chemicals; Iron & Steel Products; Nonferrous Metals; Textile Yarn, Fabrics; Clothing & Accessories; Power Generating Machine; Computers & Units; Parts of Computer; Semiconductors etc.; Semicon Machinery etc.; Telephony, Telegraphy; Motor Vehicles; Ships and Aircraft; Scientific, Optical Instruments)


-Data Chapter: Japan's Trade in 2021; Trade Structure; Imports of Petroleum; Foreign Exchange Rate; Developments in the Japanese Economy; Balance of Payments; Outward/Inward Direct Investment breakdown by Area and Industry (2020); Economic Cooperation; Comparisons with Major Countries; Development in Major Issues 2021; Major Political/Economic Events in 2022; Trade Statistics of Major Area/Country; EPAs etc. concluded or under negotiation by Japan; FY2022 Outlook for Japan's Trade Balance and Current Account

【Inquiries】 Japan Foreign Trade Council, Inc. (JFTC)
Kasumigaseki Common Gate West Tower 20F, 3-2-1,
Kasumigaseki, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 100–0013, Japan
Contact: Research Group (e-mail:

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