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City of Yokohama

Invitation to participate in the “Innovation City Yokohama” Media Tour (Oct. 25, 2019)


Invitation to all Tokyo based foreign media

Invitation to participate in the "Innovation City Yokohama" Media Tour
We are waiting for you on the 25th October in Yokohama,

the city of innovation and creation!!

Thank you for your continued support.


Recent years have seen the Minato Mirai 21 District become a hub for R&D facilities. There are many creative and innovative individuals and companies, for example, the venture capital companies in the Kannai district. Minato Mirai 21 District, in particular, is rapidly becoming a unique innovation district in the world as there are many international and japanese research institutes all within walking distance of each other. With the accumulation of open-oriented research laboratories in the Minato Mirai 21 District as a hook, Yokohama City aims to establish itself as “Innovation City, Yokohama”.


People visit Yokohama for a wide variety of reasons. As tourists, MICE participants and, of course, those who are watching the current Rugby World Cup 2019.


Whatever the purpose of your visit, events are being created that allow you to experience the innovation and technology now available in Yokohama. We conduct seminars in cooperation with private companies and organizations that highlight how the idea of “Innovation City, Yokohama” is being forged. This year the main event is the “Yokohama Gadget Festival 2019”, being held at multiple locations in Minato Mirai 21 District.


In conjunction with a visit to this main event, we are organizing visits to nearby R&D companies, which are all within walking distance, to observe the open innovation taking place. We have planned and implemented a media tour for Tokyo based foreign media, which will help understand the history and philosophy of the “Innovation City, Yokohama” concept and show the open innovation work embedded in it.


If you are interested, please join the following media tour.



[Date] Friday, 25th October, 2019, 13:45-19:00


[Venues] R & D companies located in the Minato Mirai 21 District (approximately 3 companies) and the “Yokohama Gadget Festival 2019” venue.


[Host]  New Industry Creation Division, Economic Affairs Bureau, City of Yokohama; Yokohama Convention & Visitors Bureau


13:45  Meet at Minatomirai Line: Shin-Takashima Station (gates) → (walking) → R & D facilities in the area and event visit.


14:05-14:40  Shin Takashima BankART Station
Initial 20-30 minutes Explanation of the "Innovation City, Yokohama" concept from a representative of New Industry Creation Division, Economic Affairs Bureau, City of Yokohama.


14:45-15:55  [R & D facility 1] Shiseido Global Innovation Center S/PARK
Visit contents: Public space, S/PARK Cafe, S/PARK Studio, S/PARK Beauty Bar、S/PARK Museum , S/PARK installation purpose, facility outline explanation.
“Yokohama Gadget Festival 2019”, Shiseido venue visit.
Participants will also see the Innovation Pitch Event “Startups and Large Business Cross Pitch: Serious Talks on New Businesses”.


16:00-16:55  [R & D facility 2] Fuji Xerox Co., Ltd.
Visit contents: Initiatives to create innovation through exchange of diverse human resources in the local community.
“Yokohama Gadget Festival 2019”, Fuji Xerox venue visit.


17:00-18:00  [Corporate headquarters] Keikyu Corporation
Visit contents: Startups and open innovation using the resources of the Keikyu Group.
“Yokohama Gadget Festival 2019”, Keikyu Corporation Head Office venue visit.


After 18:00  “Yokohama Gadget Festival 2019”, Mitsui Yokohama Building, BankART visit.

* Accompanied by an English interpreter.

[Target] International media personnel; printed newspapers/magazines, internet news/information, blogger, KOL



[For application]


[For further contact]
Press Tour Office(Yokohama DMC)
FAX : 045-330‐0971


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