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Japan Airport Building Co Ltd., Haneda Future Research Institute, Inc. 

Haneda Airport hosts Japan’s First Bonded Art Auction by the International Auction Alliance


Press release
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 Japan Airport Building Co., Ltd. (JAT) and its subsidiary company, Haneda Future Research Institute, Inc., (HFRI) invite and host a special bonded art auction*1 United Asian Auctioneers "Shinwa Auction × LARASATI x iART auction x KUANGSHI x A|A|A x ISE COLLECTION" in Haneda Airport on March 30, 2022.

  Haneda Airport has been serving as the gateway to Japan, a hub to connect domestic and international destinations, but it also aims to become a hub for cultural exchange within Japan and with other countries. JAT and HFRI are working together to utilize the airport facilities and the self-operated bonded storage area to cultivate more interests and understanding towards arts and culture and to expand the Japanese art market. For this endeavor, we collaborate with international auction alliance, for the first time to host this bonded art auction to expand more access of arts and culture to the wider audience. JAT and HFRI take this opportunity to showcase the world-class art and its trend and to promote the arts. By looking into the future of after-corona phase, this is the one of the first steps to purse bringing more global auction houses for the cultural exchange and revitalization of the arts and culture industry.

  Under the framework of the United Asian Auctioneers alliance*2, this art auction is held with the leadership of Shinwa Auction Co., Ltd. (Japan) and the participation of multiple auction houses from Japan and abroad, and this is the Japan’s first alliance-run bonded art auction

  Including Andy Warhol's Liz series, which has been sold for over 3 billion JPY worldwide, Yayoi Kusama, Nagao Yamaguchi, Paul Delvaux, Ryusei Kishida, Tetsuya Ishida, Rokkaku Ayako, and Miwa Komatsu, it features 239 lots of modern, postwar, contemporary, and NFT art. The preview is held at two venues, Ginza and Haneda Airport, and bonded works from overseas are only shown in the Haneda’s bonded warehouse.

United Asian Auctioneers
“Shinwa Auction × LARASATI Auctioneers × iART auction × KUANGSHI × A|A|A|A × ISE COLLECTION”

Date: Wednesday, March 30, 2022
Time: DAY SALE  2:00 PM~  LOT. 1~183  Modern Art and Contemporary Art
         EVENING SALE  6:00 PM~ LOT. 301~356  ISE COLLECTION and others including bonded works

Venue:Galaxy Hall, Tokyo Haneda Airport Terminal 1 Building 6F
            3-3-2 Haneda Airport, Ota-ku, Tokyo, 144-0041, JAPAN
Total Lots: 239
Total Estimate: about 2.83 billion JPY
Organizer: United Asian Auctioneers
Head / Shinwa Auction
Member / LARASATI Auctioneers, iART auction, KUANGSHI, Asian Art Auction Alliance

DAY SALE | Date & Time: March 28, Monday ~ 29, Tuesday 10:00 AM ~ 6:00 PM
Place: Ginza Medical Building 1F・2F・B1F
EVENING SALE | Date & Time: March 28, Monday ~ 29, Tuesday 10:00 AM ~ 6:00 PM
Place:Galaxy Hall, Tokyo Haneda Airport Terminal 1 Building 6F

■Featured Works
Takeo Yamaguchi, Five Lines (Bonded)
1954, 180.0×180.0cm, Oil on board
Estimate: 70 ~ 120 million JPY

Tetsuya Ishida, Untitled (Bonded)
1997, 103.0×145.6cm, acrylic on board
Estimate: 35 ~ 60 million JPY

Paul Delvaux, La ville grise
1943, 134.4×150.6cm, Oil on canvas
Estimate: 120 ~ 200 million JPY

Andy Warhol, Silver Liz (Ferus Type) (Bonded)
1963, 101.6×101.6cm,
Silkscreen and acrylic on canvas
Estimate: 2.3 ~ 3.45 billion JPY

*1 With National Tax Agencies Basic Instructions on Customs Law amended on December 1, 2020, and February 26, 2021, art auctions, art galleries and art fairs can be organized in the bonded area. The very first bonded art auction was held in October 2021 at Haneda Airport.
Note: “Bonded Warehouse” is a type of bonded area stipulated in the Customs Law, and foreign cargo can be loaded and unloaded, transported, and stored in the bonded area.
*2 United Asian Auctioneers is the international auction alliance established in 2020 by Shinwa Auction (Japan), LARASATI Auctioneers (Indonesia / Singapore) and others.

About Japan Airport Terminal Co., Ltd.
Head Office:Terminal 1, 3-3-2, Haneda Airport, Ota-ku, Tokyo, Japan
Foundation:July 20, 1953
Main Business:JAT’s main lines of business are Terminal Building Management at Haneda Airport as well as associated Merchandise and Food & Beverage sales.
Representative:Nobuaki Yokota, President and Chief Operating Officer

About Haneda Future Research Institute, Inc.
Head Office: Terminal 1, 3-3-2, Haneda Airport, Ota-ku, Tokyo, Japan
Foundation:July 2, 2018
Main Business:As a subsidiary of Japan Airport Terminal Co., Ltd., HFRI’s mission is to drive new business innovation and to be a gateway for art and technology by utilizing the knowledge and potential inherent in the HANEDA brand.
Representative:Hiroshi Onishi, President

PR and Communication, Haneda Future Research Institute, Inc.

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