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Shizuoka Mokko Co. Ltd.

Award-winning kamidana maker Shizuoka Mokko Co. Ltd. launches English language videos introducing Japan’s Shinto culture on their official YouTube Kamidana-no-Sato Channel.


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Shizuoka, Japan (2021.10.14) Shizuoka Mokko Co. Ltd. – operating company of Kamidana-no-Sato ( which manufactures, sells and wholesales kamidana (household Shinto altars) and related items – announces the release of Hajimete-no-Jinja videos for an international audience from October 13th. This English language version of the six-video Japanese series はじめての神社 (Hajimete no Jinja), first published in February 2021, aims to make Shinto shrines and ways of worship more accessible to people from overseas.

The English language Hajimete-no-Jinja (First Shrine Visit) videos are now available for viewing and are included within the Kamidana-no-Sato Channel:


Behind the launch of the Hajimete-no-Jinja Series

Kamidana-no-Sato produces Japanese language YouTube videos on how to worship at Shinto shrines and kamidana (Shinto household altars) for people in Japan and receives many international inquiries regarding the Shinto shrine videos. With that in mind, this time we have translated all six videos in the Hajimete-no-Jinja series into English and added English narration to help more people learn about Japanese Shinto shrines.

About the Hajimete-no-Jinja Series

The 6-video Japanese language Hajimete-no-Jinja series was filmed entirely on location at Totomi-Ichinomiya Okuni Shrine and covers the topics of paying your respects (参拝 Sanpai), amulets (御札 O-fuda), shrine seals (御朱印 Goshuin), small amulets (お守り Omamori), votive offerings (絵馬 Ema), and prayer service (ご祈祷 Gokito). These 6 videos were translated and narrated in English.

We aim to help increase awareness of Japan’s Shinto culture. From the proper way to walk under a Shinto torii gate and other shrine etiquette to how to ask for a prayer service, the content is explained clearly for the first time visitor to Japan. And when traveling in Japan, we hope people will do more than just sightsee at a shrine and feel comfortable that they are properly paying their respects.

In addition, the Kamidana-no-Sato online store,, is now able to accept international orders and handle overseas shipping.

The 6 video titles for the English Hajimete-no-Jinja series are:
Hajimete-no-Jinja – Sanpai (Pay Your Respects),
Hajimete-no-Jinja – O-fuda (Amulets for the Home),
Hajimete-no-Jinja – Goshuin (Shrine  Seals),
Hajimete-no-Jinja – Omamori (Small Amulets),
Hajimete-no-Jinja – Ema (Votive  Offering),
Hajimete-no-Jinja – Gokito (Prayer Service).

About Shizuoka Mokko Co. Ltd.

Company Name: Shizuoka Mokko Co. Ltd. (有限会社 静岡⽊⼯)
Representative:  SUGIMOTO Kazuyuki, CEO
Address:  3217-1 Sumiyoshi, Yoshida-cho; Haibara-gun, Shizuoka 421-0301 
Founded: March 1961
Business Activities:  Manufacturing, sales and wholesale of household Shinto shrines and items
Capital: 10 million yen

[Media Contact]
Public Relations Manager,
Shizuoka Mokko Co. Ltd.
Tel: +81 (0)548-32-4138, +81 (0)80-4967-3817

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