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Future Food Institute



Innovative Sustainable Development Training and Networking program, the Food & Climate Shapers Digital Boot Camp, inaugurates its 1st Japanese edition.

24 Tokyo-based food industry leaders and students recently completed the groundbreaking professional training and networking program addressing global food system sustainability, developed by the Future Food Institute and the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO), delivered through support from the Tokyo Food Institute and Tokyo Tatemono. Built upon an experiential learning platform comprising masterclasses, mentoring sessions, and a culminating Hackathon, this award-winning program equips participants with the knowledge, skills, and connections to drive sustainable food system action and innovation.

“Participating in the Food & Climate Shapers Boot Camp, I discovered the complexity of food system challenges. But I was encouraged by the diverse and fearless players taking action to come up with creative solutions. I enjoyed the opportunity to connect with speakers and collaborate with other participants in developing our own solutions. I hope to continue expanding my network to contribute to solving food issues.” - Arata Minamino, Institute of Future Food Cultures, S&B Foods Inc., Boot Camp participant

Addressing the climate crisis calls for an integrated approach combining knowledge of the challenges and our behaviors that exacerbate the situation, innovation of novel solutions to regenerate valuable resources, and active engagement of global stakeholders. With food systems touching all aspects of life on earth, addressing them is pivotal to achieving the Sustainable Development Goals.

Focused on the objectives of Protecting the Planet, Empowering People, and Enabling Prosperity, the executive participants, from companies including S&B Foods Inc., Dole, Mizuho Securities, Aranea, and Floatmeal, explored four thematic tracks explored four thematic tracks of Regenerative Farms, Cities, Oceans, and Kitchens in addition to sessions on design and ‘prosperity thinking,’ a methodology developed by Future Food that unlocks creativity to go beyond user-centered design to focus on human and planet-centered growth. The month-long professional training also included in-person networking and web-based sessions by external speakers in which participants were introduced to innovative ideas and approaches from global thought leaders.

“Food industry leaders are essential to the sustainable advancement of global food systems, but they need to be empowered with innovative approaches and mindsets to create scalable solutions. We recognize that collaboration sparks innovation and are excited to expand our global network of Boot Camp entrepreneurs, thought leaders, and activists into the Tokyo community to catalyze the transition towards the sustainable development framework.” Sara Roversi, President of the Future Food Institute.

The in-person sessions of this hybrid model training program were conducted at the Kyobashi Living Lab, a joint partnership between the Future Food Institute and Tokyo Tatemono launched in 2020 to build a sustainable food network in the Kyobashi area of Tokyo. Through its interconnected ecosystem of community engagement, academic preparation, and food innovation design and development, Future food is uniquely positioned to bring impact-focused education programs and activities to the Japanese market.

"As part of the Future Food Institute's commitment to sustainability through food, this first Japanese Boot Camp was an ideal educational opportunity to leverage our global network of activities. We believe that the input from the front-line speakers, the lively Q&A sessions, and the hackathon structure allowed participants to expand their professional networks and thinking to support their future sustainable activities. We look forward to continuing to work with the Future Food Institute as a hub for the food ecosystem,” stated Akio Sawada of Tokyo Tatemono / Tokyo Food Institute.

This Japanese edition of the Digital Boot Camp was the first in a series of Japan-focused events, corporate education programs, research initiatives, collaborative agreements, hackathons, and product launches scheduled for 2022, all geared towards accelerating transformational innovations to revolutionize the food ecosystem.

If you, or your organization, is interested in a customized corporate Boot Camp where you could experience design thinking and sustainability-driven themes and work with open innovation methods to have concrete outcomes, contact for more information.

■About the Future Food Institute:
The Future Food Institute is an international ecosystem that exists to sustainably improve life on Earth through education and innovation in global food systems. By training the next generation of change-makers, empowering communities, and engaging government and industry in actionable innovation, Future Food catalyzes progress towards achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Learn more at or join the conversation:

■About Tokyo Food Institute
Tokyo Food Institute ("TFI") is a general incorporated association. TFI is dedicated to creating the future of food in Tokyo by supporting new food-related businesses, fostering human resources, and building a food ecosystem that fosters co-creation among various players in Japan and abroad. TFI promotes the following activities.

- Provide learning opportunities for those involved in the food industry and nurture those interested in the field of food and the leaders of the next generation.
- Create a place where diverse people interested in food can gather, exchange opinions in a casual yet serious manner, and create value based on trust.
- Implementing the new values that have been created by connecting diverse people to the city, the entire Yaesu-Nihonbashi/Kyobashi area will become a living laboratory, a place where the future of food can be continuously updated.
- Disseminate various initiatives that will lead to the future of food both domestically and internationally.

Official website -
Instagram -

■About Tokyo Tatemono Co.
Tokyo Tatemono is Japan's first comprehensive real estate company, founded in 1896. The company's long-term vision, targeting around 2030, is to evolve into a next-generation developer that can achieve both "solutions to social issues" and "growth as a company" at a higher level. We are working on "community development that contributes to the resolution of social issues" as our key strategy. In order to realize this strategy, we are focusing on:

(1) interaction with diverse people and businesses and fostering rich communities,
(2) respect for local history and culture,
(3) realization of a sustainable society, and
(4) collaboration with diverse partners and utilization of advanced technology, while keeping the resolution of social issues as our central theme.

In the Yaesu, Nihonbashi, and Kyobashi areas, we have established and operate "Kitchen Studio SUIBA," a kitchen space that encourages communication and liveliness through food, and "TOKYO FOOD LAB," a place for demonstration experiments and social implementation to solve social issues related to food.


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