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Fukushima Prefecture

Lonely Planet Discover Nikko & Aizu Travel Guidebook Collaboration with a Non-Japanese Publisher


Lonely Planet Discover Nikko & Aizu
Travel Guidebook Collaboration with a Non-Japanese Publisher

Eight years have passed since the Great East Japan Earthquake of March, 11 2011. We would like to once again express our appreciation for the warm support we have received from the international community since the disaster.


In order to increase the number of international visitors to Nikko (in Tochigi Prefecture) and Aizu (in Fukushima Prefecture), and further develop cultural exchange in both areas, Fukushima Prefecture has partnered with a prominent publisher from outside Japan to issue an English travel guidebook — Lonely Planet Discover Nikko & Aizu.

Lonely Planet had this to say about the guidebook:

A mini-guide to the most inspiring experiences to be found among the fascinating Japanese cities of Nikko and Aizu-Wakamatsu.”, “Though lesser-known among Westerners than destinations like Kyoto, these cities make for essential Japanese attractions and can combine for a full cultural experience.”(Lonely Planet Discover Nikko & Aizu, Content Brief)


We hope this guidebook will serve as a valuable resource for reporting on everything you need to know about Nikko and Aizu.

Also, copies are available for distribution, so please make an inquiry if you would like one.


Outline of the English travel guidebook

(1) Title: Lonely Planet Discover Nikko & Aizu

(2) Contents: Sightseeing information including history, samurai culture, food, sake, nature, the outdoors, and hot springs; independently edited by Lonely Planet, a company with a large share of the English travel guidebook market.

(3) Size: A6, 36 pages

(4) Price: Free

(5) Digital version: Available on the Fukushima Prefecture website



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