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Foreign Press Center Japan

Notice of Updated Fees for Press Release Distribution and Listing Service (as of February 1, 2024)


Thank you for using the Press Release Distribution and Listing Service.


Considering various circumstances such as the recent inflation, we have updated our fees for the Press Release Distribution and Listing Service for the first time since 2017. As of February 1, 2024, the service will be provided using these new fees.


Along with the updated fees, the Press Release Distribution and Listing Service page will also be updated.


The new fees and the changes to be made to the page are as follows.



1. New Fees (for applications to use the service made as of February 1, 2024; tax not included)

     Fee Type (Deadline for submission of final draft):  Email Distribution / Email + Listing (Set Fee)

1) 3 days in advance (noon, 3 business days before):  20,000 yen/ 40,000 yen
      Supporting member discount applies

2) 2 days in advance (noon, 2 business days before):  25,000 yen/ 50,000 yen

3) 1 day in advance (noon, 1 business day before):     30,000 yen/ 60,000 yen   

4) Same day (noon, same day):                             40,000 yen/ Unavailable for same day


*For FPCJ Supporting Members, a 20% discount is available for applications made 3 days in advance.

*If changes or substitutions are made to the data submitted, fees will be recalculated considering the time of

   those changes to be the time the final draft was submitted.

*Fees include the FPCJ’s operating costs (20% of the total billed).


2. Key Changes Other Than Fees


1) The deadline for application (submission of final draft) is now noon for all options.

2) The only distribution method available is email distribution, with fax distribution discontinued.

3) Efforts will be made to improve the service in the following ways:

 ・Increasing the number of foreign media in Japan on the distribution list

 ・Making the distribution list of foreign media in Japan available for download from the Press Release

          Distribution and Listing Service page.

 ・Making the Press Release Distribution and Listing Service page easier to understand (fees, guide

          for creating a draft for distribution)

 ・Simplifying the application process

   →Significant decrease in the number of items to fill out in the application form

   →(For the listing service) Enable submitting the data to be listed via the application form


Moving forward, the FPCJ will strive to keep cost increases as low as possible while continuously increasing the number of foreign press on the distribution list, in order to provide an even more valuable service for distributing information overseas.


Thank you for your understanding, and we look forward to continuing to work with you in the future.


Media Communication and Planning Division

Foreign Press Center Japan 03-3501-5251

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