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Shizuoka Prefectural Government

Discover Shizuoka Project partners with “Japan 2019”


Discover Shizuoka Project partners with “Japan 2019”

The Shizuoka Prefectural Government will showcase Shizuoka’s charm in conjunction with the performances by the Shizuoka Performing Arts Center (hereinafter referred to as “SPAC”) in New York City. SPAC has been invited to participate in the Japan Culture and Art Project “Japan 2019” currently being presented in the United States since March 2019.

■SPAC – New York Performances [“Japan 2019” Official Project]
Date: Sep 25, 2019 (Wed) ~ Oct 6, 2019 (Sun)
   ※11 performances, No performances on Oct 1 and 2
Venue: Wade Thompson Drill Hall, Park Avenue Armory
Directed by: Satoshi Miyagi
Performed by: SPAC
Presented by: Japan Foundation, SPAC, Park Avenue Armory

“Antigone” which garnered praise as the opening program at the world’s best art festival, “Festival d’Avignon” in 2017, will be staged in New York this autumn!
SPAC has been invited to perform its renowned work, “Antigone” at the “Japan 2019” festival which commenced in March 2019 in and around New York and Washington.
In 2017, “Antigone” was originally performed at the open-air Honor Courtyard of Palais des Papes (Papal Palace) to open the renowned “Festival d’Avignon”. It caused a sensation with its use of creative devices such as water on stage, projection of the actors’ shadow on the 30 meter wall, and the unique production of fusing Antigone’s non-binary view with the Japanese’s view of life and death.
Park Avenue Armory, a former military facility, is a venue for live performances and art installations by world renowned artists. “Antigone” will be staged at the Wade Thompson Drill Hall, which features high barrel vaulted roof and vast open space. Similar to its performance at the Honor Courtyard of Palais des Papes, it will be re-staged with water on stage, projection of the actors’ shadow on the wall, and 1000 seats for guests.
How will the American audience that has been dealing with divisiveness react to Antigone’s view that “allies and enemies should not be divided”? Watch out for SPAC’s new endeavor and its famed director, Mr. Miyagi.

■Discover Shizuoka Project [“Japan 2019” Entry Project]
●“Explore Shizuoka” Project
Date: Sep 26, 2019 (Thu)18:00 - 19:15 (Reception 17:30~)
Venue: Board of Officers Room, Park Avenue Armory
Organized by: Shizuoka Prefecture, Shizuoka Tourism Bureau
In Cooperation with: Suruga Marketing and Tourism Bureau
Supported by: Japan Foundation
Expected Attendees: NY media and people involved in the travel industry

Shizuoka will hold a promotion event for the media and people involved in the travel industry at Park Avenue Armory. The event features a tea demonstration by a Japanese tea master from Shizuoka, who will introduce how to enjoy delicious green tea and how tea enriches our life. It will then be followed by the performance of “Antigone”, a truly memorable way to experience the charm of “Shizuoka’s Culture”.

●“Crossing Shizuoka”
Date: Sep 28, 2019 (Sat)18:00 - 19:30 (Reception: 17:30~)
Venue: Garden Court Café, Asia Society
Organized by: Shizuoka Prefecture
Supported by: Japan Foundation
Expected Attendees: Members of Asia Society and their families   

Shizuoka Prefecture will hold a promotion event, where members of Asia Society and their families can enjoy Shizuoka’s sumptuous dishes and green tea. Asia Society is a non-profit organization that introduces the diverse cultures of Asia including Japan. After the event, guests can watch “Antigone” for a total experience of the charm of “Shizuoka’s Culture” 
Guests can enjoy the tea demonstration by a tea master from Den’s Tea, sushi demonstration by Sushi You‘s sushi chef (246 E 51ST New York) and Shizuoka’s local sake – Fuji-nishiki.

Shizuoka Prefectural Government
Cultural Affairs Division
9-6 Otemachi, Aoi-ku, Shizuoka City, 420-8601
TEL: 054-221-3340 FAX: 054-221-2827

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