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Itako City

The Bridal Boat and Iris Festival in Itako –The Traditional Japanese Bridal scene-


The Bridal Boat and Iris Festival in Itako
–The Traditional Japanese Bridal scene-

The Suigo Itako Iris festival will be held from May 26 from to June 24 in the Suigo Itako Iris Garden. The Bridal boat is one of main events of the iris festival. This year 29 couples will participate in the bridal boat.
About 50 years ago, the bridal boat was used to be usual ceremony of marriage in Itako. The bridal boat has reproduced as the most popular event of the iris festival since 1970s. Many couples apply for the bridal boat every year all over the world. Last year, couple of Vietnamese groom and American bride participated in the bridal boat. This year, international couples including Russian and Singaporean will participate in the bridal boat in June 23. Itako city recently is promoting the inbound tourism, so many international tourists come in Itako.  Please visit in Itako.

Suigo Itako Iris Festival (Ayamematuri in Japanese)
Suigo Itako Iris Festival will be held from May 26 to June 26 at the Suigo Itako Iris Garden. 
【Address of Suigo Itako Iris Garden】 
Ayame1-5, Itako City, Ibaraki Prefecture. 
In Suigo Itako Iris Garden, million irises of 500 different species bloom during Suigo Itako Iris Festival. Over 800 thousands tourists visit Itako during the iris festival. Every night iris garden is fantastically illuminated during the iris festival. 

Bridal dress (Shiromuku in Japanese
Brides wear traditional dress called “Shiromuku (means pure white )” when they ride on their bridal boats. There are some beauticians can let brides wear shiromuku in Itako. Press can cover the appearance of dressing shiromuku. Please contact Itako city if press want to interview dressing shiromuku.

Japanese Culture
Brides leave Isoyamatei (public Japanese-style house) for the Iris garden by rickshaw. 
Every Saturday night, night bridal boat will be held. Visitors can enjoy fantastic atmospheres and feel like traveling back. 

Itako city

Itako city is 80 kilometers north of Tokyo. Itako is approximately located about 30 minutes from Narita Airport. Itako is sandwiched between Lake Kasumigaura to the west and Lake Kitaura to the east. The Tone River also flows through the city, which has been noted since the Edo Period for its network of canals. 
(Area 71.4㎢ Population 28,500)

Other information around May and June

1. Hydrangea of Nihonmatsuji Temple
About 10 thousands of hydrangeas bloom from middle June to early July at Nihonmatsuji Temple.
Entry fee: 300 yen
Access: 15 minutes bus ride from Itako station

2. Aiyu Sake Brewery 
Aiyu Sake Brewery has been making sake since 1804. Visitors can tour their 200-year-old brewery as well as enjoy a free tasting of any of their sake products

3. Roadside Station Itako
With thousands of different gifts and souvenirs of all kinds, this collection of shops is located near the Itako Interchange on the Kanto Higashi Highway, a 10 minute drive from Itako Station, and especially caters to motorists passing through or on their way home after a stay in our beautiful city.

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Contact: Itako city office
Division of Industry and Sightseeing
Divison of Information Promotion 
Phone: 0299-63-1111

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