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Kobe City

PR Video of Kobe from Andres Iniesta! -25th Anniversary of Sister City Relations between Kobe and Barcelona-


25th Anniversary of Sister City Relations between Kobe and Barcelona
PR Video of Kobe from Andres Iniesta!

Kobe and Barcelona signed an agreement to become sister cities in 1993, and have since conducted many exchange activities in culture, music and sports.  This year marks the 25th anniversary of our sister city relationship.

To commemorate this anniversary, we produced a PR video starring former FC Barcelona member Andres Iniesta, who joined Vissel Kobe this year.  Starting today, we will begin to release the video on the city’s official social media accounts including YouTube.

The video will be shown at the event for the 25th sister-city anniversary event in Barcelona, uploaded on the Kobe City homepage and official social media accounts, and used in city promotions for tourism in Japan and abroad.

Video :


Details about the video
   “Kobe PR Video from Andres Iniesta”

   ・ Message from Andres Iniesta
      “Kobe is a beautiful city, surrounded by nature”
      “My family and I love it”
   ・Composition of Kobe scenery and soccer practice footage

   ・Sunday, November 11th: 25th sister city anniversary event in Barcelona
      (will be attended by a delegation from Kobe)
   ・Kobe City homepage & official social media accounts
   ・Digital signage and other digital displays in Kobe
   ・City promotion in Japan and abroad

International Department, Office of the Mayor, Kobe City Government (Okada, Tamada)

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