Noteworthy Press Releases from Japan

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This page introduces noteworthy press releases for the foreign press.

The FPCJ helps build connections between foreign press researching stories about specific topics and regions in Japan, and organizations including businesses, universities, and government at the local and national level.

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  • Science and Technology in Society forum (STS forum)

    [STS forum] Oct. 1-3: Worlds’ Top Scientists, Policy-Makers, Business Leaders, and Journalists meet face to face in Kyoto for the 20th anniversary Annual Meeting of the Science and Technology in Society forum (STS forum)!

    The STS forum is holding its 20th Annual Meeting from October 1 to 3, 2023. World leaders, including professional scientists, policymakers, business leaders and journalists, will gather in Kyoto to discuss the pressing science and technology issues the world is facing and to build an international network. Dates: Sunday, October 1, to Tuesday, October 3, 2023 Venue: Kyoto International Conf...

  • Japan National Tourism Organization (JNTO)

    [JNTO] Japan’s National Parks offer immersive experiences in extraordinary environments

    In all four seasons, Japan’s national parks showcase the country’s impressive range of wild landscapes and preserved habitats. It’s a precious opportunity to appreciate the distinctive natural beauty of Japan, while encountering native flora and fauna in their natural habitats. Japan’s first three national parks were designated in 1934. Here we will introduce one of them, Kirishima-Kinkowan Nat...

  • Japan Cultural Expo Secretariat

    [Japan Cultural Expo 2.0] New expanded content on its website Fuller coverage now available, including a column by art historian Sophie Richard

    As of August 31, the Japan Cultural Expo website features greatly expanded content in English to promote Japanese culture and art to readers overseas, kindle interest in cultural tourism among visitors to Japan, and guide them to sites around the country. New content includes a column by French-born art historian Sophie Richard and feature articles by writer and editor Mari Hashimoto. Ms. Richa...

  • Japan National Tourism Organization (JNTO)

    [JNTO] Japan Tourism Topics

    1. Roar with the crowds at Kishiwada Danjiri Matsuri, September 16 - 17, Osaka With a history of over 300 years, Kishiwada Danjiri Matsuri is one of the liveliest festivals in Japan. The protagonists of this celebration are the Danjiri, which in the Kansai region refers to the large and ornate wooden floats. With some weighing more than 4 tons, the Danjiri are pulled through the city streets a...

  • Japan National Tourism Organization (JNTO)

    [JNTO] Live Like A Local: Discovering the Cultures of Japan on Rural Overnight Stays

    Far from the urban attractions of Japan’s big cities, many rural areas in lesser-known regions cultivate local specialties in agriculture and fisheries that have earned them a niche reputation through premium products and spiritual cuisine. Nohaku (farmstays) are a great opportunity for curious or food-oriented visitors to gain firsthand experience and intimate insight into these pockets of cul...

  • Tokyo Metropolitan Government (TMG)

    [TMG] TOKYO GREEN BIZ (Tentative name) ~ Green Urban Development ~

      The Tokyo Metropolitan Government will launch a new project “Tokyo Green Biz (tentative name)” to enhance the value of Tokyo’s greenery by working together with various business (biz) entities, and to pass it on to the future by cooperating with Tokyo citizens, with our eyes set on the next 100 years. ○  Green Urban Development for the Next 100 Years   The Tokyo Metropolitan Government ...

  • Tokyo Metropolitan Government (TMG)

    [TMG] SusHi Tech Square to open, starting its first phase exhibition soon, presenting innovative solutions for modern urban challenges

     The Tokyo Metropolitan Government (TMG) is proud to announce the initial opening of “SusHi Tech Square” on August 30. The “SusHi Tech Tokyo”, or “Sustainable High City Tech Tokyo” concept is being promoted by TMG to produce “sustainable new value” in the city through cutting-edge technology, diverse ideas, and digital know-how. The first phase of the exhibition, which will be on the first flo...

  • Japan National Tourism Organization (JNTO)

    [JNTO] Japan Tourism Topics

    <Embrace Tohoku’s Festival Spirit> Tohoku, Japan’s northeastern region, is home to several major summer festivals. The first three topics highlight some of the festivals which offer a lovely blend of traditional performances and breathtaking scenery. What’s more, their staggered schedules allow visitors to embark on a festival-hopping adventure acros...

  • SEiRYO Gakuen Educational Corporation

    [SEiRYO Gakuen] First in Japan! Innovative Presentation on Exploration of Bacteria at the International Baby and Child Foundation Conference!

    First in Japan! Innovative Presentation on Exploration of Bacteria at the International Baby and Child Foundation Conference! 〜Advanced Nutrition Education Practice Draws International Attention! 〜 The first in Japan! In November, SEiRYO Gakko Hojin (School Corporation) in Tokyo and Chiba Prefecture will present its innovative nutrition education practice, "Exploring Bacteria", at ...

  • Tokyo Metropolitan Government (TMG)

    [TMG] Recruiting Participants for “RAINBOW BRIDGE RIDE” – Ride across the Rainbow and Tokyo Gate bridges on a bicycle!

    Also recruiting participants for Tama region “Challenge Race in Ajinomoto Stadium”!   The Tokyo Metropolitan Government (TMG) is promoting “GRAND CYCLE TOKYO”, a series of events that seek to familiarize the public with cycling as a mode of getting around that is both environmentally-friendly and good for health.   We are now accepting applications for “RAINBOW BRIDGE RIDE,” a cycling e...

  • Tokyo Metropolitan Government (TMG)

    [TMG] Aug. 4-6: Monozukuri – A Celebration of Japanese Artisanal Techniques 2023 @Tokyo Int’l Forum (Bureau of Industrial and Labor Affairs)

    Watch and experience the traditional skills of master craftsmen!  Midsummer Manufacturing Event 「Monozukuri - A Celebration of Japanese Artisanal Techniques 2023」 August 4-6 at the Tokyo International Forum (Free Admission) The Tokyo Metropolitan Government will hold “Monozukuri - A Celebration of Japanese Artisanal Techniques 2023” at the Tokyo International Forum from August 4 ...

  • Tokyo Metropolitan Government (TMG)

    [TMG] Save the date: Announcing SusHi Tech Tokyo 2024

    Expanding on its successful 2023 event, Tokyo Metropolitan Government will bring together startups and city leaders from five continents to envision sustainable urban environments of tomorrow   Innovators and urban visionaries worldwide, take note. Over April-May next year, the Tokyo Metropolitan Government (TMG) will host SusHi Tech Tokyo 2024, a month-long exploration of how new ...

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