Noteworthy Press Releases from Japan

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This page introduces noteworthy press releases for the foreign press.

The FPCJ helps build connections between foreign press researching stories about specific topics and regions in Japan, and organizations including businesses, universities, and government at the local and national level.

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  • The Japan Sake and Shochu Makers Association

    【Press Invitation】Press Event: Honkaku Shochu & Awamori Trends (March 5)

    ============================================== 【Press Invitation】 Press Event: Honkaku Shochu & Awamori Trends FOODEX Japan 2019  A press event will be held for foreign media, so please join!  ============================================== The Japan Sake and Shochu Makers Association will have a booth at FOODEX Japan 2019, an international food and beverage exhibition, whi...

  • 内閣府日本学術会議

    「サイエンス20(S20)Japan 2019」に係る記者会見について

    This press release is available in Japanese only.

  • The National Graduate Institute for Policy Studies (GRIPS)

    Feb. 14 Roundtable & Feb.15 Symposium on Disruptive Inclusive Innovation (@GRIPS)

    I.  GRIPS Roundtable  Pioneering Across Borders: Venture Opportunities and Challenges for  Disruptive Inclusive Innovation Addressing Sustainable Development Goals   1. Abstract   By pioneering technological and business frontiers, venture innovators are at the forefront of disruptively  achieving “more for less for more.” The purpose of the roundtable discussion with ventu...

  • 東京大学公共政策大学院国際交通政策研究ユニット

    ITPUセミナー 「観光」の再構築~シン・観光を目指して~ のご案内


    A sleepless hotel?! The “MANGA ART HOTEL, TOKYO” is scheduled to open in Jinbocho in February, 2019.

    In February 2019, dot inc. is scheduled to open MANGA ART HOTEL, TOKYO, a hostel based on the theme “Sleepless Hotel” which provides its guests with an overnight experience enjoy art through manga. website:   As we approach 2020 when Japan and Tokyo will be attracting the entire world’s attention, we are opening “MANGA ART HOTEL, TOKYO", a place to provide a n...

  • Nara Prefectural Government

    < For the Media > The Asia Cosmopolitan Awards NARA FORUM 2019

    <For the Media> The Asia Cosmopolitan Awards NARA FORUM 2019   International Awards Recognizing Individuals and Organizations that Have Made Excellent Contributions in Cultural and Economic Fields in East Asia The 4th Award Ceremony and Commemorative Forum to be Held in Nara Prefecture     ■Forum Name: The Asia Cosmopolitan Awards NARA FORUM 2019 (For the latest pro...

  • 江戸まちたいとう芸楽祭実行委員会

    2019年1月6日 「江戸まち たいとう芸楽祭」 冬の陣開幕

    This press release is available in Japanese only.  

  • Kumamoto Prefecture

    漫画『ONE PIECE』の主人公・ルフィの像が熊本県庁プロムナードに完成!!

  • Shimizu Corporation

    [Media Invitation] Invitation to Tour a Construction Site Employing Robots

    For Media Members     Shimizu Corporation is employing the Shimz Smart Site, next-generation production system, for construction at the job site for the karaksa hotel grande Shin-Osaka Tower, a high-rise hotel being built in Shin-Osaka. Multiple robots are being used to handle part of the work in collaboration with workers. Three types of robots have been introduced at the site: Robo-C...

  • Shizuoka Prefecture

    Shizuoka’s Attraction Publicity Project in “Japonismes 2018”

    The Shizuoka Prefectural Office is going to carry out the release of ‘Shizuoka Culture’, ’Shizuoka Craftsmanship’ and ‘Shizuoka Cuisine’ in Paris, in accordance with “Japonismes 2018”, commemorates the 160 years of friendship between Japan and France. The theme of the project is “Mt. Fuji and Tokaido (an old route connecting Edo to Kyoto)”. A variety of attractions will be presented.   J...

  • National Institute for Environmental Studies (NIES)

    Announcing the Publication of NIES Annual Report 2018

    Announcing the Publication of NIES Annual Report 2018   NIES Editorial Board Office (Planning Office, Environmental Information Department) 1. Overview NIES Annual Report 2018 is the official record of activities at the National Institute for Environmental Studies (NIES) in Fiscal Year 2017 (FY 2017: April 2017 to March 2018), and introduces our institute and its research outc...

  • Nerima City

    【Media Invitation】The Urban Agriculture World Summit Pre-Event to be held in Nerima

    Schedule: November 23rd (Fri., national holiday), – November 25th (Sun.), 2018 Venue: Nerima Citizens Industrial Plaza in Coconeri(1-17-1, Nerima, Tokyo), Heisei Tsutsuji Park (Azalea Park) (1-17-6, Nerima, Tokyo)and other sites URL: In November 2019, we host the Urban Agriculture World Summit, so that...

  • Chiba Prefecture

    【Press Preview】Makuhari New City, Home of the World’s First Fully Automated Plant Factory and an Olympic and Paralympic Event Venue

    *This tour is for foreign press only. *This tour is planned and operated by Chiba Prefecture, with the FPCJ providing assistance with registration.      Chiba Prefecture will be holding a tour for the foreign press to introduce new efforts in Makuhari New City.  Makuhari is a district in Chiba Prefecture made by reclaiming land from Tokyo Bay, and seven events will be held ...

  • Oita Prefecture

    Information Exchange with Embassy Staff Members Ahead of 2019 Rugby World Cup

    Oita Prefecture is located in Japan’s “gateway to Asia,” northeast Kyushu, and is an attractive region blessed with plentiful tourism resources. Even with Japan as a whole being famous for its hot springs, Oita is known as the No. 1 hot springs prefecture in Japan, with the most spring sources and highest flow volume in the country. Last year, 7.35 million people stayed overnight in Oita, of w...

  • Kobe City

    PR Video of Kobe from Andres Iniesta! -25th Anniversary of Sister City Relations between Kobe and Barcelona-

    25th Anniversary of Sister City Relations between Kobe and Barcelona PR Video of Kobe from Andres Iniesta! Kobe and Barcelona signed an agreement to become sister cities in 1993, and have since conducted many exchange activities in culture, music and sports.  This year marks the 25th anniversary of our sister city relationship. To commemorate this anniversary, we produced a PR...

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