Noteworthy Press Releases from Japan

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This page introduces noteworthy press releases for the foreign press.

The FPCJ helps build connections between foreign press researching stories about specific topics and regions in Japan, and organizations including businesses, universities, and government at the local and national level.

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  • Toyama City

    Notification of exhibition ”Toyama International Glass Exhibition 2018”

    Overview This exhibition of glass art by the general public, which has been held by Toyama City four times in the past, expands its applicants to overseas to be an international exhibition. Creative and expressive glass works from all over the world including Japan show us diverse charms of contemporary glass. This exhibition presents 54 works selected from 1,110 entries from 46 nations and re...

  • Tokyo Harvest

    Tokyo Harvest in Toranomon 2018

    Tokyo Harvest brings together food from the best ranchers, fishers, and farmers of Japan in a show of appreciation. From October 11-13th, 2018, Tokyo Harvest will be held at Toranomon Hills and Shin Tora Avenue in downtown Tokyo. This year marks the 6th anniversary of the annual festival that welcomed over 40,000 visitors at lasts year’s event. Only at Tokyo Harvest will you be able to encounte...

  • Shinshiro City Hall

    [Press Release] Newcastles of the World Alliance Conference Host

    【Summary】    The Newcastles of the World Alliance Conference in an international conference which gathers every two years among member cities that hold different cultures and histories but are united under the same name, "Newcastle" or "New Castle". Each of the cities takes turns hosting the conference to acknowledge the significance of the connections among the cities and the people, to cla...

  • City Of Yokohama

    [Press Invitation] ITOP Yokohama House of the Future Project 2nd Proof of Concept IoT Smart Home Open House for Press

    =============================================== - Date and Time: 10:00 a.m., Tuesday, September 25, 2018 - Location: Sotetsu Bunka Kaikan parking lot (4-3-28, Ryokuen, Izumi-ku, Yokohama, Kanagawa) - Openings: 5 - There will be a Japanese-English interpreter   *Click here for details on the House of the Future Project 2nd Proof of Concept (Japanese only)

  • Fukuoka Prize Committee


    Fukuoka City and the Fukuoka City International Foundation would like to invite the representatives of foreign media to a press tour in Fukuoka highlighting the Awards Ceremony and other official functions of the Fukuoka Prize, with a unique opportunity to cover Fukuoka’s various policies regarding Asia and its traditional cultures.                                                        ...

  • NIES

    National Institute for Environmental Studies (NIES) Press Release

    Global and local degradation of coral reefs and macroalgal beds can have ecosystem-wide impacts on biodiversity, ecological functioning, ocean resources and biogeochemical cycle. However, recently reported community shifts from temperate macroalgae to tropical corals offer conservation potential for corals at the expense of macroalgae under climate warming. Although such community shifts are sp...

  • City of Yokohama

    Pikachu Outbreak! Press Invitation

    Pikachu Outbreak! Press Invitation   The City of Yokohama, in partnership with The Pokémon Company, has held the city-wide event Pikachu Outbreak! for four years in a row.   This year, the fifth year for this event, parades and shows will be held at locations throughout the Minato Mirai area during both the day and in the evening.   This press event will cover two events th...

  • Sawakami Opera Foundation

    【Media Invitation】Open-Air Opera “TOSCA” at Nagoya-Castle

    Japan Opera Festival, hosted by Sawakami Opera Foundation, has held at all the places of Japan every year from 2015. The most distinctive feature of the festival is Open-Air Opera at the special stage of Japanese historical structures (most of them are national treasures) like Himeji-Castle (Hyogo), and Heijyo-kyo Daigokuden (Nara).  This year, the stage of the festival is going to be Nago...

  • 公益社団法人 日本グラフィックデザイナー協会


    This press release is available in Japanese only.

  • Meiji University

    【Press Inivitation】Prof. Kokichi Sugihara, Director of Meiji Institute for Advanced Study of Mathematical Sciences (MIMS), will dedicate his optical illusion work to Isonokami Futsumitama Shrine

    *For details, check the page below:   Situated in Akaiwa City, Okayama, Isonokami Futsumitama Shrine will commemorate 350 years since its re-establishment in 1669 by order of the domain lord Ikeda Mitsumasa. Taking this opportunity, an optical illusion work created by Professor Kokichi Sugihara (Director, MIMS) wil...

  • Mobile mosque project planning committee

    Mobile Mosque Project Debut Ceremony Invitation (July 23 at Toyota Stadium)

    Heartfelt Hospitality Toward Muslim Society Debut of a “Mobile Mosque” featuring 48㎡ for Worship Space 50 Individuals Can Perform Salat (Worship) at Toyota Stadium Mobile Mosque Project Debut Ceremony Invitation Monday, July 23, 15:30 The mobile mosque project planning committee (, has been developing portable mosques to show hospitality toward Muslims.   ...

  • PR office for the 2018 1000km long-distance relay “Ashita Eno Michi (Road to Tomorrow)”

    Fukushima press tour for foreign press (August 2, 2018 to Fukushima City – Naraha City)

    The “2018 1000km long-distance relay Ashita Eno Michi (Road to Tomorrow)” makes a connection between disaster areas by supporting recovery efforts through the power of sports.   Fukushima Prefecture press tour for foreign press   ■Date: August 2nd (Thu)    ■Location: Fukushima Prefecture (Fukushima City – Naraha City) --------------------------------------------------------------...

  • Tokyo International Viola Competition

    Winners of the 4th Tokyo International Viola Competition announced

    Tokyo International Viola Competition (TIVC) is the only international competition in Asia-Pacific exclusively for the viola. It was launched in 2009 as a part of Viola Space, a festival for viola founded in 1992 and dedicated to "celebrating the viola, introducing outstanding works and new works for viola, and promoting young artists". Please refer to the press release from April 24. https://f...

  • National Institute for Environmental Studies (NIES)

    Mapping the resilience of chemosynthetic communities in hydrothermal vent fields around the western Pacific Ocean

    Mapping the resilience of chemosynthetic communities in hydrothermal vent fields around the western Pacific Ocean Hydrothermal vents support unique ecosystems populated by numerous species with unique adaptations. We aimed to determine the resilience of vent communities by investigating whether they are vulnerable or robust to natural disturbances, such as volcanic activity, and anthropog...


    MINATO Bosai Festa -Let’s experience “Bosai (disaster risk reduction)” in English and easy Japanese –

    Japan is earthquake-prone country and yet there are not many chances for foreign people to know about disaster prevention measures.  Minato City is planning to hold “Minato Bosai Festa” proceeded in English and easy Japanese to further ensure the safety and security of foreign people. We want foreign people to get basic knowledge of disaster preparedness, so that they will be able to protect th...

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