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Tokyo Metropolitan Government

TMG to Announce the Adoption of the “Tokyo Declaration on Sustainable Recovery” as the Outcome of the Sustainable Recovery Tokyo Forum


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The Tokyo Metropolitan Government (TMG) today hosted the Sustainable Recovery Tokyo Forum (Re StaRT), a hybrid online/in-person event.

Participants included the leaders of the cities of Paris, Los Angeles, Brisbane, and Dakar, and the Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the Republic of Singapore to Japan.

We are pleased to announce that the Tokyo Declaration on Sustainable Recovery, included below, has been adopted as an outcome of the forum.

Governor Koike’s remarks from today’s forum are also included below.

1.  The Tokyo Declaration on Sustainable Recovery
In this summer of 2021, we are welcoming the Olympic and Paralympic Games Tokyo 2020.

Raising “Unity in Diversity” and “Connecting to Tomorrow” as the visions for the Tokyo 2020 Games, and also as the first city in the world to host the Summer Paralympic Games for the second time, Tokyo has been committed to realizing a truly inclusive society. Tokyo has also undertaken various initiatives to leave valuable legacies in a diversity of fields. These include the delivery of an eco-friendly, sustainable Games and dissemination of the arts and culture.

Now, as the world confronts global-scale challenges, we cities are given an even greater mandate to play concrete and active roles in finding solutions to these issues with the understanding and cooperation of a diversity of actors including our citizens, companies, and NPOs.

Recovery from the pandemic should not simply be a return to life before COVID-19. It provides us with the opportunity to realize resilient and sustainable societies full of diversity and inclusion, while responding flexibly to changes the coronavirus crisis has brought to society and the perception of values.

We must also not forget to deal with the climate crisis that is endangering the future of humanity. It is now time to accelerate actions. Under the slogan, “Time to Act,” we must immediately address the climate emergency.

We have also recognized anew that the arts and culture are not only elements that make up the appeal of cities, but are crucial in providing moral support and generating inspiration, activity, and discovery of new values. We shared the belief that the flame of culture should not be extinguished, and shall work for the flames of cultures throughout the world to shine brightly again.

It is with such aspirations that we hereby declare that in order to forge a bright future and leave a rich planet to following generations, we shall engage in efforts for a green, just, and sustainable recovery in various aspects concerning society as a whole, including the environment, the economy, culture, sports, human rights, and the awareness and behavior of people and companies, with the aim to realize sustainable lives for all people, and we shall expand and establish this throughout the world.

Endorsed by the following cities
Tokyo Brisbane Dakar Los Angeles Paris


2.  Governor Koike’s remarks
・In order to advance a sustainable recovery, we will roll out initiatives that aim for a forward-looking recovery such as addressing the climate emergency and supporting the arts and culture which bring us inspiration and happiness, while restoring people’s mindset.

・I consider it essential for measures to be advanced by not only government alone, but through the solidarity of various actors. Based on this, we are taking new initiatives for the 2020 Games as well to make them a sustainable Games.
Specifically, we conducted a project to make the medals awarded at the Games from our “urban mine”. Hydrogen-powered fuel cell vehicles, called “MIRAI”, are being used for Games operations. As a legacy of the Games, some of them are scheduled to later be utilized by the Tokyo government, municipalities, and elsewhere.

・Cities play a vital role in addressing global challenges. Now is the time to take action. We, the cities of the world, must put effective measures into action ahead of national governments and guide global efforts.

・With this forum serving as the starting point for the world to progress toward a sustainable recovery together, while working with everyone who participated today, I hope to establish a new international network for cities to share their knowledge and initiatives.

Okamoto (Mr.), Ando (Mr.)
Planning Section, International Affairs Division
Office of the Governor for Policy Planning
Tokyo Metropolitan Government
TEL: 03-5320-6267 

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