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City of Yokohama

Pikachu Outbreak! Press Invitation


Press release
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Pikachu Outbreak! Press Invitation


The City of Yokohama, in partnership with The Pokémon Company, has held the city-wide event Pikachu Outbreak! for four years in a row.


This year, the fifth year for this event, parades and shows will be held at locations throughout the Minato Mirai area during both the day and in the evening.


This press event will cover two events that are new as of this year: the night version of the Pikachu Parade, and the Pokémon Synchronicity parade which will be held with the beautiful scenery of the Minato Mirai port area as a backdrop. Enjoy a new kind of show using digital technology.

1  Date and Time: 17:30–21:00, Monday, August 13, 2018

  17:30   Meet at MARK IS Minato Mirai GL(Ground Level) Grand Galleria, central museum entrance (inside)

      (3-5-1, Minatomirai, Nishi-ku, Yokohama)   See Attachment 1

  18:00-18:20   Film/photograph Pikachu Parade night version

  18:30-18:45   Walk (10–15 minutes)

  18:45-   Press registration at Nippon Maru Memorial Park (2-1-1, Minatomirai, Nishi-ku, Yokohama) 

        See Attachment 2 

  20:00-20:30   Film/photograph Pokémon Synchronicity

  20:30–21:00   Event ends


2. Qualification: Bearer of Gaimusho Press Registration Card

3. Cost: Free

4. Number of Participants: 10

  * If there are more than 10 applicants, an upper limit may be set on the number of participants from each country/region.

5. Notes

  ・This press event is being held by the City of Yokohama.

  ・The details of this press event are subject to change without warning.

  ・The City of Yokohama and the FPCJ accept no responsibility for any inconveniences, incidents, or accidents which occur during this press event.

  ・Follow the instructions of the press event staff regarding photography or filming.

[Application] Please send the following information by e-mail to: 

(1) Name:
(2) Affiliation:
(3) Type of media (newspaper, magazine, TV, etc.):
(4) Country of affiliation:
(5) E-mail address:
(6) Mobile phone number: 

Nakano (Ms.), Strategic Communications Division, Foreign Press Center Japan


Photo: Pikachu Outbreak!

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